Where in the World have I been?

Wow, it’s been a while (almost a month!) since I was last on here. I have been super busy….
First was Orchestra for international Night. We had practices every Wednesday night for three weeks. I carpooled with the H’s. We finally had International night, and it was great!
Then (during that and after) was and still is National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo). I’m working on a 50,000 word novel. Written in the month of November, and November alone. Extremely time-consuming, but fun. http://www.nanowrimo.org
Newsflash from Dubai: Yesterday it rained! Sweet, cold rain pouring down from heaven and washing away the dirt on the ground. Falling down onto my head and into my mouth…. Ah, it was wonderful!
Friday after Church we skipped volleyball (where 4 weeks ago I sprained my knee); and went out to the desert with the H’s, Bl’s, T’s, and some others. Daddy gave Caitlyn and I a driving lesson *cheers* and we sat around the campfire roasting marshmallows, talking, and telling jokes. Philip’s corny LotR ones:How many times does an elf laugh at a joke? Once, when he hears it.
How many times does a hobbit laugh at a joke? Twice: Once when he hears it, and again when it is explained to him.
How many times does a dwarf laugh at a joke? Three times. Once when he hears it, again when it is explained to him, and again when he gets it.
How many times does an ent laugh at a joke? We’ll never know. Takes too long to find out.
He had a radioactive something version of the ‘Found a Peanut’ song… I can’t remember it, but it was really funny.
In the News:
McSaftey: Hedgehogs 1, McDonalds, 0. A group of environmentalists won a concession from the world’s largest fast-food company when McDonald’s announced it would redesign its McFlurry cup. The British Hedgehog Preservation Society complained for years that hedgehogs would come upon litered McFlurry containers, make an attempt to lick up the leftover ice cream, and get their heads stuck in the cup. In the redesign, McDonald’s made the opening in the conainer too small for hedgehogs to penetrate, though the spiny mammals may have preferred a container with a mouth wide enough to permit easy access to the leftover ice cream without a danger of getting stuck.
Cheap Grace: A thief in Utah received grage from the least likely person: his victim. When the thief snagged 75 year old Betty Horton’s purse, the elderly woman gave chase and eventually caught up to the man. From there, she gave him a piece of her mind, but upon discovering the thief was broke, felt compassion. “I said, ‘Why didn’t you just ask me for some change? I would have helped you. I would have gladly given it to you.'” Horton said. And she did; giving him $3 and telling him to scoot before the cops arrived.

The above link is the link to The Rebelution – A rebellion against rebellion. Great place for Christian teens. Cait and I love it!
Next term I am not going to do ballet here. The dance school has too many differences from Milligans, changes and things I do not want to make. Instead, I shall pick up my saber, foil, or epee and duel evil orcs, nazgul, and cave trolls. En Guarde!


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