Update and Volleyball

No_one_Important is a Christian, they told me that last night. It’s something good to know, and now I’m just encouraging them as well as I can.

Yesterday after Church we had our WellGroup service project – Melissa, Caroline, Hannah, Sharon, Lauren, Sarah, Sarah, Lisa, and I picked up trash on the beach, then we swam and played in the sand. It was lots of fun, and we got 5 big trash bags full of junk we found. On the way back to the C’s we had IceCream at the corner store then walked back, changed, and went out to play volleyball. On the way out we stopped at Subway for lunch, and I ate a whole footlong sub. And was still hungry.
My team was pretty much the same as last week: Nathan, Elisabeth, Hannah, Sharon, and a few others. And… like last week, we didn’t really do that well – we had fun, though, more fun that we normally have, but we only won one game – better than last week. After Volleyball, we went inside and sat around talking for a while, then Nathan and I started to play chess. Other people were kinda joining us as teams… Nathan ended up winning Chess, even though neither of us really had any pieces left at the end – he had 6 pawns and his queen and king, I had my king. We almost thought it would have been a stalemate, if my pawn had been taken sooner in the game.

Well, I should probably close up, my granola’s almost done baking.



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