Tea time!

Last Wednesday the Bible study at the S’s ended with a bonfire with REAL s’mores. But, being inspired by a tea the S’s had had the year before in the states, we wanted to have one, which we hosted at our house. At first we set the table and talked, then went to the park to swing, and after taking a walk around the compound, we had tea. It was loads of fun, and our talk varied from weather to jokes. We wanted to watch Pride and Prejudice after we ate, but the C’s had to leave and everyone else had to leave with them.
The picture to the right is all of us “girlies” dressed up. Cait is fourth from left and I’m farthest on the right.
The table setting:
Me, Sharon, and Hannah swinging:
Walking around the compound… thankfully the kids who would have yelled “weirdo” and such at us were not out, so we got no rude remarks. Well, one from a little 4 year old, but… yeah.
The morning I had spent washing the floors, straightening my room, folding napkins, and making Welsh Tea Cakes. After the tea, it was the right time for Fencing, so spur of the moment thing, we went fencing. It was more challenging than usual, a different instructor was there, but it was still fun.
P.S. – Daddy said that next year I may get to do Mandolin instead of guitar… I can’t wait!


10 thoughts on “Tea time!

  1. Ilevot says:

    you’d pick Mandolin over guitar?? 😮 I’ve never been much of a fan of them. some of the kids in our pastor’s family play them.


  2. Anna says:

    Ahh, mandolin. Interesting.I like the picture of you walking around the compound…. Pretty.SHEESH you are taller now! You should see the real Pride and Prejudice. The one that’s six tapes long with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy.Anna


  3. Ky says:

    It’s 6. But in a way, the newer one is closer to the book, though they don’t have enough time to develop the characters fully in it.


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