The Good News… and the Bad News.

Well, good news first:
Fencing this evening went rather well, I’m starting ot think more quickly and my left arm is not tiring as quickly as before – instructor still says, however, that I need to lift weights. 😛 Guess I do need to practice a bit more with keeping my arm out. The best news, though, is that Saturday Chris and I will have a match. *very excited* Someone better than me but not super better than me like the other guy, but not worse than me like the short guy.

Bad news is that the earthworm we were supposed to dissect is all shrivelled up. 😦 ‘Course, Caitlyn’s really happy, but I kinda wanted to dissect that thing. But seriously, we tried to put the pins in to secure it so I could cut it open, and the thing broke… Not fun. Hopefully the crayfish, perch, and frog will work, though.

Over on my scribblings of a barefoot fencer, I’ve posted the first part of my story – tear it up ALL you want – I know it needs it badly!

Figure it out… it’s morse code.


16 thoughts on “The Good News… and the Bad News.

  1. Cait says:

    So, we finally get to read your story eh? That earthworm was shrivelly, eh. ASD live was spa-mazing, you hoser. take off ❤ cait


  2. Anna says:

    I luv the story, but I dont’ remember a Nathan in the list you gave me?How could you let Anya die? I take it as a personal insult. :b :b :b


  3. Cait says:

    ahh, Anna, Nathan is a new addition. this caused an embarrassing moment for our dear Ky…ask her =pno, it wasn’t really embarrassing for her i believe (would’ve been for me); it was just funny.<3


  4. Cait says:

    berylla: We do do J.L. Wile. Love it.Anna: Nathan is my draft 2 new character.Yeah… it did get embarassing – Nathan’s younger sister was reading my story outloud after volleyball (this Nathan is after the real Nathan) and I was sitting there playing Chess with Nathan…(this is Ky, I don’t have time to sign in…)Ky


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