desert, “she said yes.”

We had a pretty laid back week. I got a bunch of reading and writing done, and a whole lot of stuff taken care of. Wednesday was pretty tiring, I don’t really know why. Thursday I had my last guitar lesson at PMI,

The desert outing was really great… this is a video link of Nathan and Rachel larping… I’m utterly confused about doing links on here, so you’ll have to copy and paste, but it’s worth watching… Out in the desert, we went up on some higher dunes and larped and talked, I mainly with Rachel, Nathan, and Daniel R. We sat up there for a while, and then Rachel and I went driving with Daddy. After dinner we talked for a while trying to decide on something to play, and then Rachel and I went off and talked for about 2 hours about sewing, archery, fencing, and writing. We both love to write, and we were talking about different story ideas and the plots for our really long ones. She and I are becoming really great friends.

On the way home from the desert, I finished reading a book I had gotten out of the Church library. A book called “she said yes.” I got home and got ready for bed, but couldn’t stop thinking about it. It makes you really wonder – if someone came up to you and put a gun to your head, and asked “Do you believe in God?” what would I do? Would I say yes? Or would I beg for my life? I think it’s one of those things that you’d never really know until it actually happens. I think all we can do until then is just pray for strength, that we’d stand firm and have the courage to say “yes.” It would take so much strength to say that, but gun or no gun, we should still say “yes” to that question. Things like that tend to really scare me, but this didn’t – it just made me really think.

And as we were singing in Church today, I looked around me. Hundreds of people all different nationalities and backgrounds. All united in one purpose. And yet it was only from 50 countries. Imagine how much more incredible heaven will be… there are only a little less than 200 countries. Think about how AWESOME it will be, to stand before God, and just say, “Here am I, Lord, take all of me, all for You…” And spend all your time just being there, worshipping Him…
How I look forward to that day…



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