Biology Bandits!

Well, today we had our first biology dissection that worked! yay! ‘Course, we opened the bag that held the crayfish, and it reeked… so Nate and Candace ran upstairs and got Caitlyn and I bandannas, which we wore while we did it, thus the “Biology Bandits.” Daddy and I did most of the dissection, Caitlyn recorded everything. Other than the smell, it was fun. These are the pictures…


5 thoughts on “Biology Bandits!

  1. berylla says:

    the third pic didn’t work…lol!ky, you look so different!have fun w/ the other 2!loli saw on abecka, they have to disect a piglet. not fun.i might have 2 disect a cat… that’s what my ma had 2 do in school.ttusluv,jessica


  2. BananaBint says:

    I once got to disect a shark, chiken, and a SHEEP. The sheep was cool, but they JUST killed it and it was all warm and twitching, sometimes. (: Sorry, that really sounds gross when you read it!! (:


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