He is Risen!

The sunrise service was at 5:30, so mommy woke me up around 4:30, and I got ready to go and played the piano a bit before we left at 5. When we got to the beach, a bunch of people were already there, and they were just starting the service. We sang for a while, and someone talked, then we ate breakfast – lots of yummy food! Milli, Caroline, and I were running around talking and playing/wading in the water. We couldn’t go very deep because none of us had swimsuits, but we had fun splashing each other. Ashley and Meg came home with us, and we got ready to go to Dreamland, I practiced guitar and piano, and then we left. On the way there we listened to part of “Pilgrim’s Progress” on tape, and rested some. Dreamland was fun… we were the first people there, but by the time we were all ready to swim and go on the rides the H’s, Dennis, Dipak, and Jarod were already there. Sarah and I went on most of the slides and rides together, and Esther was with us for a while. We headed over to Hippo Island/the volcano for a while and were running around and swimming in there. Philip and Dipak were trying to scare us by saying there was a crocodile in the cavern pool. We were getting out when the Bs, Lisa, Zoë, Cs, and Nathan arrived, and we headed back towards the black hole and did all those rides over again, then went in groups down the 5slides, racing to the top and racing down. Nathan and Isaac were wearing their inner tubes around their waists as they ran up, and were bumping into others to try to knock us over. We played tag in the “Jacuzzi” for a while, which was really fun. I only got tagged once, because the guys were being unfair and only going after certain people. I tagged Nathan, though. We got out and waited for an hour or more to order and get our food, then ate. When we finished eating, we went back towards the black hole and dragons (near the beginning of the park). The dragons were great… they were a ride I had gotten really scared of last time because I didn’t know what to expect so got really scared; they’re dark, fast, steep, twisty, and small. But this time I went on them again and loved it… went down all 4 of them. Sarah and I went off and did a few rides by ourselves and then went around the lazy river once. We got out and found the others playing tag again at Hippo Island, so we joined in. We eventually ended up playing that if you were tagged, you were it with everyone who had been tagged already, and last person to be tagged was it for the next round. After taking a few pictures, we walked back to the lockers to change. On the way my wristband was really sticking to me and I couldn’t tear it off, so Nathan suggested biting it… I didn’t bite it off at that point, but later on I did. It was a fun day… I’m really worn out, though. Most of the rides were quite high, so you climb up tons of steps to get to them. And then I was chasing people around Hippo Island a whole lot playing tag, and just swimming around.

Good fun, all of it. Check my art and writing blog… I got some new stuff up there. I think it’s mainly artwork.
God bless!



12 thoughts on “He is Risen!

  1. Cait says:

    No, the best part of the dune buggy was drifting it. And being driven cause it’s on the dunes then. Yea, tag was very unfair at first. I was tagged a few times but it was still obviously biased on some certain points. Nathan is on my blacklist at the moment. Don’t ask. fun day. I’m going to miss Zoe…my penguin and skinny jeans friend!


  2. Ky says:

    Cait: Did you push start it at all? Cuz jumping into it and then taking off right away was fun… drifting was fun, but when I’m in control of the wheel… I get kind of scared doing that sort of thing. Always thinking it’s gonna tip or something.


  3. Cait says:

    We never had to pushstart it, he got it to keep going both times we switched seats. Drifting is amazing. I love how you don’t have much tight control so you have to really think. Now I see how easy it would be to pull a Shehan =P


  4. Anna says:

    Went on your art site- very very nice! I can’t wait to show you some of my art. When are you coming in May?Oh, the short story was good, but……. like you said, morbid.


  5. Ky says:

    Cait: Haha, yeah. But when I was drifting, I felt like it was gonna roll over, so I’m sitting there, gripping the wheel, thinking: “Okay, it’s gonna roll over and kill Nathan any minute now…”Anna: In May… dunno when we’re getting to MI. Late, though.


  6. Ilevot says:

    yeah, I know. that’s why I said “trying in vain” =Doh, and at TL, the first night we were asleep by 1:30, the second…I don’t remember, around 2 or 3, and on Friday night, it wasn’t til about 4am……..=D no wonder I got sick, cause we had to get up at around 6:30 =D


  7. Cait says:

    Haha…yea. DON’T kill Nathan, whatever you do!!! Haha…um, yea. GUESS WHAT????THEY ARE SELLING THE BUGGY. buttttt….that is only to get money for building a new one which will have three times as much power….so will be wayyy faster and have better steering. YAYYNESS.And everything’s good now…in reference to what I said in my first comment. We need to talk.


  8. Anna. says:

    I read revised part two of your story…….. Deintely better. I had to skip the end, though, because lunch was ready. It would be cool if years later, Nathan went back to the spot where he and Anya had been hiding, and there was an apple tree growing (because Anya buried her apple core). I like the idea, but it’s rather pointless. 🙂


  9. Ky says:

    Well, Nathan will end up around there, so maybe I can stick a bit of something in there… wait, though, maybe he won’t be. Nope, I don’t think so. I think he’ll only be in Itheial later on. Good idea, though. And it’s only a year later, so it’d only be a sprout…


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