Welcome to NY…

This was on Friday:
Welcome to New York, mate.

Everything on Emirates went fine – we got our luggage checked fine, got through security fine, and the flight went fine. (Food was yummy – ‘cept breakfast was weird…. – and we watched 4 movies – I watched Night at the Museum, Miss Potter, Flicka, and PotC1. Mucho fun.)

But we land at JFK airport, an hour late, with an hour to make our connection. We get through customs and passport check easily… get our luggage…. and this is where the trouble starts.
To sum it up, I hate JFK airport.We missed our flight because of the way the terminals for Delta are, and the next flight out was overbooked. So now we’re at Holiday Inn overnight and most of today. It was fun, though – so far we’ve played mau and signs as a family.

I started reading Quo Vadis. It’s reaaaaaaaaaaaaally good so far. I’ve hit a breakthrough in my writing as well.

Prayer requests:
1. No-stress…. patience with each other, etc.
2. That our flight today wouldn’t get delayed or anything and that everything would go smoothly and that we’d get to Washington safely. And a praise that we’ve gotten safely this far.


Now we’re in WA…
Saturday I finished writing Part 2 of my story (yay!). The cousins all came over and we played Capture the Flag, and Hannah and I watched Little Women. Today we went to Church and then celebrated Nate’s birthday over Brunch. When the K’s get here we’ll do gifts and then we’ll to Candace’s birthday.

Tomorrow we fly to MI.



3 thoughts on “Welcome to NY…

  1. Ilevot says:

    oh…heh…. yeah. busy. =P….I’ll update sometime soon…honestly, I will, Ky…and I’ll post some pics from it…(I’ve taken over 600 already. =P) just as soon as I get done procrastinating……


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