MI and God’s Grace

Wish I could stick a quote from Princess bride (the book) right here, but I can’t think of any good ones, so I won’t.
Anyways, we’re in Michigan now, but almost weren’t. We got to the airport, and my dad had left his bag in the rental car – his bag that had all our tickets, his laptop, etc. Thankfully, we got it back pretty quickly – the rental place found it and sent it on the next bus out. Then, in security, we found out my mom’s ID has expired. We didn’t have her passport, birth certificate or anything with us, so she had to go back to check-in and get something done with her boarding pass.
The whole time we were fretting we’d miss our flight somehow… but then we found out we had gotten to the airport 2 hours early – our flight left at 2:40, not 12:40 – my dad had screwed up times for getting there and leaving. So we had been there at 10:40.
We sat around and played mau for a while, ate lunch, and then got on the plane… it went smoothly… then we got to Denver, and had a 20 minute connection – we were in Denver for about 2 minutes. Out of the plane – onto the next, buckle up, leave. We weren’t sure that our luggage had made it – praise God, it had!!!!!!

God is great, sing his praise
Fill the earth, fill the heavens…
Yesterday we went over to the pastor of our Arabic Churches house and played with their 3 kids – Faith, Grace, and Ibrahim. They were all adorable – Faith is only 5, Grace is 2, and Ibrahim is 1. After that we left for the A’s, which was LOADS of fun. At first Dayna, Cait, and I were talking, then we ate, and after dessert Darren brought out the larps. So Nate, Danny, Darren, and I larped for a while. Danny, who’s done some fencing, and I tried to fence with the larps, but they (although smaller than ours) were a bit too heavy. It was fun, though, I haven’t larped someone of about equal skill in a loooong time – so it was a long fight. In our second duel, though, I backed into a rose bush, so my left arm is covered in scratches. okay, it was covered in scratches, only 3 stayed. Then we put the larps away and went to the park, where we played tag for a while. I got blisters on my hand from doing the monkey bars so much, and slipped a whole lot on this one bridge that was broken, and then just as we were about to leave, I made the wrong choice and turned the wrong way and I got stuck up on something you go under, hanging by my hand… so I have a big scratch from that.. all on my left side. As usual.
Anywho, today we’re going to the McM’s, and then to our old house.
Probably not quite as fun as yesterday, but not every day can be that fun…

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