Past few days

Happy Birthday, Candace!! She’s 6 today!

The 23rd: Instead of sitting around at the McMillans doing nothing, I got to go to art class with Anna. Yayness! I’ll post what we drew when I can get ahold of a scanner. Seeing our old house was weird… then we visited some old neighbors and went to an Arab family’s house. I spent most of that time drawing.

The 24th: In the morning the Bennet’s brought Einstein bagels for breakfast (yummy… I ate 2 1/2, plus a bunch of MASSIVE strawberries – the small ones were huge!). After they left I practiced my guitar for a while, played the piano, and watched part of Little House on the Pararie (Season 3). Dad, Nate, and Candace got home from somewhere, and we all watched Charlotte’s Web as a family. The one with Dakota Fanning – it was good. In the evening we went to the Cherry’s for dinner. I borrowed the first Underland Chronicles (Gregor the Overlander, The Prophecy of Bane) from them, and I’ve already finished the first one. I love them! They may seem a bit young, but they’re still reaaaaaaaally good.

Today: Mom went to get her liscense renewed, and I watched more Little House, then read some. We went over to the Sauve’s (, bringing them a meal of cheese bread and zatar, along with the spinach pies, meat pies, and some other sort of pies. Mrs. Sauve showed us around the house, and Christianna, Grace, Cait, and I were playing with their Chinchillas for a while. After lunch, we went out front and pulled weeds and did other gardening for a while. It was fun helping them, and we’ve also not done any gardening for a long time – I’ve trimmed our bushes and straightened the front yard before, but not any actual gardening. After the Sauves, we came back to the Swifts (where we’re staying), and then headed off to the Simnowitz’s. Nate played with Matthew and Michael while Candace tagged along, and I watched Jonathan for a while, and then read and drew some (I got a pretty good one done – of Matthias in my book).

(Edit – that was yesterday, we had to run out of the door for the Simnowitzs… today Cait and Daddy are driving up to Alma for the Alma Highland Games, and I’m going over to Emily’s for a while, and Naomi and Micaiah are going to be there… what a day for rain.)



37 thoughts on “Past few days

  1. Anna says:

    I LUV Eintstein bagels! I LUV strawberries! I LUV Little House! I LUV the Sauve family’s blog! I LUV the Sauve family! Luv, ❤ Anna


  2. Anna says:

    And this is 16. I think.Yeah, it’s 16.We watched Arthur and the Invisibles last night. Mostly it’s stupid, but it’s the kind of fantasy I like.


  3. BananaBint says:

    It’s not 16 ’cause I just posted something. Maybe it is. I don’t know. This is really confusing. (: hezzsutp. That reminds me of ketchup. (:


  4. Anna says:

    If I had explained in my own words, I would have rewritten the movie. So here it goes:Freddie Highmore..blahblahblah……stars as Arthur, a brave young boy who must find a hidden treasure that will save his family’s home. To do so, Arthur must enter the underground realm of the “Invisibles”(called the minimoids in the movie, which the dn’t tell you, because I guess Arthur and the Minimoids would be a weird title.), tiny creatures who live beneath his own backyard. ……. blah blah blah he learns a lesson abut little heroes, which desn’t have naything to do wiht the movie.


  5. Anna says:

    I’m gonna keep commetning for the fun of it. Anyways, about the movie….. It doesn’t say that while Arthur is a minimoid he falls in love with the princess, Solania. It also doesn’t say that this is apparently OK agewise because in minimoid ages he’s really her age….. 1,000 years old. so that was weird. Also there was one sword fight to music and they were dancing…. it was creepy. But for the most part, I liked it.Also, minimoids can’t swim. Go figure.


  6. Anna says:

    Oh, and the bad guy was weird. “The Evil M”.. Malthazar, I think. The whole plot about how he got to be evil is creepy and weird. Also, Solania dresses immodestly. But on the whole, not a bad movie.


  7. Ilevot says:

    wow, you guys really are strange. =Poh, and Ky…I just read the other comment you put on my blog about that ship thing…that sounds really cool! heh heh, maybe I’ll come join you with it!


  8. Ilevot says:

    ha ha…you go, girl! =P I never get that many people commenting on mine anyways, so I never have to worry about such things…but I guess that’s cause I never update it. =P


  9. Esile says:

    whoa..lotsa comments…won’t bother to read them 😛 Anways, sounds like yer having fun! 🙂 I, for one, do not envy pulling weeds. :o) I have to do it all the time.


  10. BananaBint says:

    You should read all the comments, Esile. They’re funny. he he. Kinda, some of them are, well, yeah, sorda. Just read them!


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