Four Corners and Monument Valley.

Owl Rock, Monument Valley.

Nate and Candace… they’ll be giving out earplugs at their concerts, I hope.

Cait and her dreamcatcher. I love that picture.

Each of us 4 kids in a different state. Four Corners, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Arizona.

Me and my dreamcatcher. Love that picture, too.

One of my many “castles.”

Little Colorado river (I think. I also know the little CO was where there was the greatest echo…)

Another castle-like rock.

Mexican Hat. See the sombrero?

Elephant’s feet.

Long day of driving, pretty boring, until we got to our destination.
More tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Four Corners and Monument Valley.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Four steps and you can have been in four different steps. =D That’s pretty cool. Don’t know if I’ve ever been there. =PGreat pics of the Canyon! All your pics are cool. =DA real cowboy! With a real cowboy hat! And a real cowboy horse! XDAll of those castle rock structures look like they would be fun to play on. =D We could really lob grapefruit and coconut cannonballs at each other then. XPI like the “Mexican Hat”. Who knows how long it will continue like that before being eroded away. =/ =P-Matt


  2. Ky says:

    It’s the content we need earplugs for.It seems they can’t keep anything down in their stomachs, and whenever they eat, they end up in the hospital.Yeah.


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