Thursday- In the morning I computered, watched MASH, and read. Early afternoon I went out in the field with my sword/stick. In the evening we went to the HT’s. Hehe… we started playing tackle football (without the football) with Amy, Nate, and Candace… just for fun and crazyness. Then we went to the house and watched most of Peter Pan.

Friday – I slept in, cuz I was dreaming. We went to the Elwells and I played with Sophie, Chloe, and Candace. After lunch I read to Sophie, then played with nerf guns with Nate and Noah, running around the living room dodging and ducking and shooting like crazy. It was extremely fun.
Then at the Parks we walked down to the beach, talked, ate, and talked some more.

Saturday – Went to Hannah’s Irish dance recital, also a whole bunch of other “dance.” It was awful, but the Irish dancers were AMAZING. Then we went to the airport, traded cars, picked up Katie, and went to Pike’s Place, saw the original Starbucks, fishmongers, and walked around. In the evening we went to the K’s for Mason’s birthday party, in which Hannah and I sat in her room and talked, then fumbled around on the piano.

Sunday, today – Woke up, went to FCC, daddy talked, I met Bethany and Bekah. Second service, I helped out in children’s Church. Went home with Bethany and Micah’s family, helped them get lunch ready, talked with Micah some, and then mom, dad, and everybody else got there, we ate, Bethany, Bekah, Cait, Katie, and I played mau, and we talked some.

I’ve taken to The Phantom of the Opera a lot now. I’ve had the theme in my head for days.



10 thoughts on “Lessee…

  1. BananaBint says:

    Whenever I watch Phantom of the Opera I always have the different songs stuck in my head for at least a week. You should read the book. It’s a lot better than the movie, even thought the movie’s pretty good. But the movie’s pretty different from the book.


  2. Anna says:

    I slept in today because I was dreaming, and Saturday I was dreaming but my mom woke me up. It was weird, but was leading up to something, I know it! I’m like, “I’ll never get the green rollerskate back now!” Why can’t I ever have normal dreams?


  3. Anna says:

    Saturday night I had a dream that my favorite willow tree in our front yard blew down in a storm and I cried and cried and cried…….. And I thought it was really happening ‘cuz nothing weird happened, so when I woke up I was crying and the first thing I did when I got up was look out the window to make sure it was there.


  4. Ky says:

    A card game… of which one is not allowed to speak of the rules outside of play, and is never allowed to speak of the rules directly. Well, one things some exceptions are permitted. One places rectangular objects upon another rectangular object that is the same, one more, or one less than that rectangular object. When one is rid of all of ones rectangular objects one dominates universe and gets to make up a new rule and regulation.SO there are all these weird rules that can be very complicated.Or others, like my own, are very simple.


  5. anna says:

    Both your stories are great. Wolf Song is good….. too bad it’s short.In regard to Dirk, this may sound weird, but who does he marry? I’m sorry it’s a random question, but that’s one of the things I like to know in certain stories. Mostly Pirate ones. Probably because PotC got me crazy about pirates and now I can’t stop wanting to kow who they’re gonna marry…..


  6. Anna says:

    Oh, speaking of PotC…….This is just a rumor, but Berylla said that the makers are saying that they’ll probably kill Will if the make a fourth.Just saying.but, hey, I’m making a fantasy about Will’s daughter, so I’m in a happy place concerning PotC.


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