So maybe it’s been a little while…

Saturday- Tacoma Highland Games. Cait did very well, first in piobaireachd, third in Strathspey and Reel, fourth in March. I watched and videod, then we looked around a bit, went to opening ceremonies, shopped a bit more (best part was the swords, but people under 18 weren’t allowed to touch them. Grr… I play with swords…). We watched a lot of the dancing, made me miss flying.

Sunday – After Church we went to Brunch at the Kettle, then to gramma and grampa’s. All the cousins, aunts, uncles, etc were there, and we did birthdays, early for Cait and me, a bit late for Hannah. I got a willow tree figurine (Rememberance), binoculars, a bigger pocket knife, and a new napkin (Eeyore tore up my favorite one a while ago, and this one is to replace it). At the highland games gramma got me a cloak pin. Cait and I finished watching “The God’s Must Be Crazy,” and I finished crocheting a pot holder. It was raining and storming, so I couldn’t get on the computer, so I got a bit of writing done, which was nice.

Monday – Wrote the morning away, went to the cinema with Hannah and some of her friends to watch the Nancy drew movie (it was cute). We watched Mirror Mask before going to bed, I adore that movie…

Today – Watched Mason and Luke for a while, then Aunt Krissy brought us back to Gramma’s, Candace is sick, so we’re watching her while mom’s returning the rental car.



16 thoughts on “So maybe it’s been a little while…

  1. Anonymous says:

    You COULDN’T get on the computer, so you did a bit of writing? There’s something very backwards about that, somehow…..


  2. Anna says:

    Oh, that was me… anonymous. Once again I forgot to sign my name… Ah well. So I’m reading Pride and Prejudice, and I won’t go so far as to say the movies stink now, but I really think that even the 6 tape long one missed some things. Not so many things that they could have put in though…. like what people were thinking. Oh, and I finished Beauty. Or, refinished it. I finished and jsut started all over again.


  3. Ky says:

    Mirror Mask… well, it’s about… a mirror mask… and about a girl who wakes up in a world of her drawings. It’s incredible, really.And if you forget to sign your name, I’ll automatically assume it’s Matthew, cuz he goes on as anonymous and signs it, but he forgets often enough.


  4. Ilevot says:

    Anna: you don’t like the P&P movies?? sure, they didn’t follow the book exactly (what movie does? =P) but I was surprised at how closely it actually did follow the book… =)


  5. BananaBint says:

    Anna: I didn’t even look at the anonymous and I figured it was you ’cause usually your name comes up in black and it was in black and the first letter was a, soo….. Besides, that’s how you seem to write usually…. Oh, and which Beauty? The one where her name is Belle (I think, I read it awhile ago) and they go and live out in the country and stuff? ‘Cause if that’s the one it’s a really good book and I wanna read it again.Ky: What exactly is a “mirror mask”? But the movie sounds cool!Ilevot: YOU’RE HERE!!!!! (: I haven’t seen you in awhile. (: Gots to go. See ya!BB, the BEST!!


  6. Anna says:

    Ilevot: Of course I love the movies! I just meant that they missed a few things. Bananabint: It’s the one by Robin McKinley. Her name is Honour but everyone calls her Beauty. But they do go out and live in the country.


  7. BananaBint says:

    Caitlyn: So you see yourself when you look into it?Anna: Does she have two sisters whose names are like Mercy and Peace or something like that?


  8. Anna says:

    Oh, anonymous was me again….. the word verification keeps distracting me so that I forget to type in my name. It is EVILLL!!!!!


  9. Ilevot says:

    oh yeah, hey banana! I’ve been pretty busy…don’t get around to peoples blogs much anymore let alone update mine.Ky: is “the God’s must be crazy” good? cause ess just bought it but we haven’t watched it yet.


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