Home and Leavenworth

I have so many pictures…. but I’ll only put a few of ’em up.

We rented the ping-pong room and raquetball court the second evening…

Sophie on the hike to Hidden Lake.

Hannah and I were bored in the car on the way over, can’t you tell?

We had a long wait the first night, when we went to eat at Gustavs. We’d already gotten there, gone shopping, swimming, and then we went to dinner. In the evening, Hannah, Cait, and I stayed at the hotel while everyone else went to the putting course. We had fun, playing mau and eating some candy bars from the vending machine.

Sophie… her hat was on backwards when we got to the lake. She had me get up on a rock with her, and we had been sitting on one of the logs with our feet in the water. When we left she didn’t want to hug me… I miss ‘er.

Eating lunch at the park on the way to Leavenworth.


Sophie in the backpack.

The younger boys in the raquetball court. Hannah and I had fun in there, running around, shouting, hitting the ball as hard as we could.

Hanner (Hannah’s nickname), and I at Hidden Lake.

Petrified wood at Hidden Lake

Swinging at the park. I have about 6 pictures of her in the swing.

The alphorn player. The first day Sophie got up and was dancing when he played inside.

At Andreas Keller… the accordian player played Edlweiss for us and we sang along. After we did the chicken dance. It’s a tradition.
Yes, that’s really what I look like when I sing (even I didn’t know that…).

Well, yesterday was… interesting. The first flight was fine, the second we waited around to see if there was room, we were taking an earlier flight. We made it, though, and now we’re settling back in. It’s good to be home.


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