Picture Post!

Some pictures from the past few days…

The R’s came over, and Rachel and I made most of her cloak… the pictures are from the first part you have to sew by hand, just to gather up 9 feet into about 2 feet. Then we had to sew the hood on by hand, and Rachel finished that at home. Now Daniel wants a cloak, so we’re going to make him one sometime.

We’ve been working on our cabinet, yesterday we sanded it, then we started staining the wood.

And then… pictures of my room:
Before the bed:

After the bed:

This is what I’m drawing on my wall. It’s a map of Ladylan, “my” land, and I’ve been adding a few other drawings around it. Still needs a bit more on the map and touching up, but yeah.

Tuesday when the R’s were over we went to the beach after dinner and played in the waves for a while. ‘Twas fun.



4 thoughts on “Picture Post!

  1. bananabint says:

    GRRRARGUHHHHHUGHHHGHGHGHGRRRARRRRH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M AM GOING TO DIE!!! NO ONE IS COMMENTING!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PS Don’t expect to ever see me again. Thanks to you I’m about to DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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