We went to SkiDubai as a family on Saturday… daddy had the day off.
It was a belated Christmas present from a Church in Florida.

Me in the eskimo ice sculpture thing…

And Nate… I love that face.

Nate and Candace coming down from one of the innertube rides… the luge one was better, in the innertube one they were going for speed and not drop, and we like drop better than speed. It was fun, though. I guess we got kinda spoiled with the great hills at Hemlock and Ford Field.

Candace climbing up the ice wall.

The ice sculpture dragon… the best part of the whole thing… that area – the dragon, tunnels, a mirror maze (kinda), and giant penguins in glass cases. With fitting music playing.

Me with the dragon. The lights changed colors.

After looking at all the pictures daddy took… I figured that I look really weird without my hair showing anywhere…

Family picture in front of the igloo!
Well, minus dad, who took it.


9 thoughts on “SkiDubai

  1. BananaBint says:

    Hey cool! This was an interesting post! Not that your other ones aren’t interesting, but this one was neat! I like the eskimo guy.But why were Nate and Candace wearing helmets and the rest of you are wearing hats?


  2. Anna says:

    I luv the dragon. I reeeeeeeealllly want to tell everyone on this blog my good news but first I want to tell you, Ky, so please…. communicate!!!!!!


  3. Anna says:

    You’re too late to catch me in the morning…. If I don’t pick up tonight then I’m at church, liek we always are on Wednesday nights. Then you can try calling again….. or maybe I’ll try to call you. I dunno.


  4. ariadne says:

    does this look cool or what?!? the dragon is amazing! lord of the rings, almost.and no, ariadne is not my reeaal name. i wish it was, though. means holy.


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