Okay, I dunno how this’ll work, but okay.
The link is to my photobucket album. The sub-albums are from Yemen.

I didn’t put all the pictures up, there were about 400, both from my camera and the P’s – and the family one still has a bunch.

But okay:
Yemen is stuff from my camera – Lotsa pictures!
Yemen 2 is stuff from the P’s camera – fewer pictures and better quality.
Best of Yemen is the best stuff…



8 thoughts on “Pictures!

  1. ariadne says:

    WOW, the kids are soooo cute! Heehee, you’re funny. What are you doing in that alcove, anyway?That stained-glass window is GORGEOUS!


  2. ariadne says:

    I am so excited! The guys from my care group(shepherding group, small group) came home, and today another guy from church returned from England. Everyones back! I think.


  3. Ky says:

    Oh, Yay, Ariadne! Glad everyone got back safely!The alcove was just a place at House on the Rock… and all of us kids kept running ahead to surprise the parents in some way or another, hiding in a closet or being statues in an alcove.Yeah, I love those windows… they’re called something but I can’t remember – basically everywhere has them.


  4. BananaBint says:

    Wow! I love the pictures! Those kids ARE so cute! That girl with the brown shirt and backwords baseball cap looks really nice! Sorry, kinda being a little random! (:


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