Rambling Post

I just felt like making a post where I semi-ramble.
Cuz I haven’t done that in a while.

So Saturday we went to the thrift store with Rachel and Mrs. R. I didn’t find much there, just a pair of pajama bottoms and a really pretty Medieval looking dress. Mrs. R and Nate walked to their apartment while we bought our stuff and drove over there. Nate and Daniel came down, and Rachel, Cait, and I went up. We tried on all of our “new” clothes, then took a bunch of random pictures.
Be warned, some of them are kinda… :p

Cait says: Rawr!!!

Cait’s scared of santa….

Uh… heheh…

Then we got back into normal clothes and watched some videos from when the R’s were younger – Rachel at 4 doing the Highland Fling, etc… And we watched Timeline, which had a great plot and was good except for a bunch of swearing. Seriously, though, it sounded like they were swearing just for the fun of it or something.


14 thoughts on “Rambling Post

  1. Anna says:

    I like your dress in the last pic… and I hope you get better soon. Man, if I had a blog, I’d have SO many pics to post right now! Pics from home and at Leah’s and jsut around and pics from Gull Lake and Houghton Lake and Emily Bayon’s house…. FEELING SUDDEN URGE TO- *screams*


  2. Anna says:

    I thought Rachel was blonde? Oh, whatever…. that was random. Also, Leah put down a new post… Not very interesting, but a new post.


  3. BananaBint says:

    Yeah, Ky’s the one that looks like her current picture for her profile. So try and match the back of her head with the pictures up there…. (:


  4. Anna says:

    Oh, and amen is all I can say to your prayer request..This morning I got up (well, actually, it was closer to 10 am) and I thought, “Summer is over.” No more swimming, no more staying up, getting up late, going for expeditions outside, always wearing coats, bitter cold, no more dew, no more sun… no more sun. That’s the worst of it. I’m trying to take Jesus’s word for it and not worry about it, but it’s hard, you know? I’m naturally pessimistic (though it’s getting less recognizable), and the thought of school starting is hard because I’m still 7 when it comes to that… The start of school and gym class is the end of the world to me. So just pray…


  5. Kyleian says:

    Aw, poor Anna.At least you have cold, da-lin’. Here, we wake up on the first day of school thinking “Summer is over. Sure, it means back to school and school can be blechy, buuut… fall means cooler weather. Swimming. Volleyball. And best of all….FRISBEE!!!!!!!!!”


  6. Ilevot says:

    *boo* umm…yeah, just stopped in to comment and say hi and be good while I’m gone! and talk to you again….on Aug 31 or Sept 1 when I’m home!! I’ll actually update my blog and post pictures of my trip, won’t that be thrilling?? (aye, I’m in a very odd mood this evening….I think it’s the excitement getting to me!!!) BYE!!!!!!!Dara


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