Well, that was an eventful day.

Okaaay… so, I was gone most of the afternoon and evening.

Because we thought I had appendicitis. Yeah, I went to the bathroom and ended up on the floor, doubled over in pain. I spent half an hour lying on mom and dad’s bed while they figured out what to do, finally we made an appointment with the doctor.

He diagnosed me with appendicitis.

At this point I started getting really scared, thinking I would have to have an operation. Which in my mind means lotsa needles. Which scares me. A lot.

I went to the ER in American Hospital. By now the pain was almost gone except for when I moved around.

I saw a nurse, questions, answers, etc. Got sent to a room. Waited for a while. The pain subsided a little bit more.

Finally, a doctor came, by then it was basically gone. He said, no it’s not appendicitis, the only symptom I had was the pain, nothing more. So, we could either leave (by the way, by now it’s like, 6 PM) or get some more tests done.

I ended up getting my blood drawn. And I hate needles… well, more like I’ll sometimes almost faint if I have to get my blood drawn, shots aren’t quite as bad, though. And then she left the thing in so I could be hooked up to a drip/IV if needed. So basically, for like, 3 hours, I have this needle stuck in my wrist and it’s really uncomfortable.

Anyways. Then I had 3 ultrasounds. Yuck.

And it turns out I may have a cyst on a couple organs. What that means, we’re not exactly sure yet. Just pray – for me, and for wisdom for the doctors. And that maybe, maybe, whatever is there will be gone by my next doctor’s appointment.

So yeah… that’s mostly what happened today.

Pretty scary.



7 thoughts on “Well, that was an eventful day.

  1. Kyleian says:

    It doesn’t hurt anymore.At all.The layout? Well, see, I can’t get it to work with blogger. 😦 I’m probably not doing it right, though, I’m a dunce when it comes to HTML coding.


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