Superhero Progressive Dinner

Thursday night was our Oasis Progressive Dinner. This year’s theme was to dress up as a superhero, but not a known one, you had to make it up.
So at first we got there, said hi to everyone, all that stuff. Then Pastor W. said to line up to get our appetizers (consisting of chips, M&Ms, Skittles, and crackers), and once everyone had something we all had to stand up and say our real name, superhero name, and our superpower.
Then we loaded up into 3 different bus-vans, we were in the Whale, with Pastor W. driving. Most people were singing, but I was catching up with Hannah, who arrived back here the 29th.
Dinner (taco salad) was at the W’s house, and a lot of us decided humidity didn’t matter and so ate outside.
Dessert was at the T’s house, 37th floor of a 47-story building. Most elevators here are super-slow and get REALLY annoying… not this one – it was so fast, and went so high up my ears popped. It felt like I’d always imagined a rocket… except slower and without the 3g impact. 😛
On the way back to the Church, the Whale wouldn’t start (about the whale – it’s our big, blue bus-van, and it’s really old, no air conditioning, smells of the guys, and doesn’t always start…), but Pastor W. revved the engine (I think that’s what he did, anyway), and it finally started. We sang Veggietales and Disney songs, then were singing “Undignified” really loudly as we pulled back into the Church.
On the way back home with the Rs, we sang rounds with daddy and Rachel… and Dan was sitting there bored half to death.

Laziboy… he sits around while his teddy bops people with his “pillow of death.”

Inside the whale. I’m the one on the left.

Dan, Me, Rachel, and Cait. Daniel was the Shade/Shadow, who could disappear into shadow.
I was the Unidentified Superhero, and could shoot hot glue out of my fingers.
Rachel had an endless supply of junk in her pockets,
And Cait was Super Cordelia Time Traveler.

Eating outside at the W.’s.

Elisabeth’s “dry ice cream,” aka an ice cream sundae without the ice cream.

Utensil Man, coming to the rescue of something, can’t remember what it was… since 1975.

And, Pastor W., aka Bathroom Boy… with the ability to smell like a toilet… that’s Pastor W. for you…

Me, Rachel, and Cait.

A bunch of people, including the SuperMaids, Cereal Girl and Milk Girl (bringing milk and cereal to hungry people).

Hannah (Pink – spreading the pink!), and Elisabeth.

Other supers..

Supermom – had the ability to cook better than two guys in the youth group who cook really well, ground you if you diss her cooking, and hit you over the head with a cookbook if you diss her cooking.

SuperMary and SuperLamb… from Mary Had a Little Lamb…

Those were just the good ones. There were about 40 youth there… and we didn’t get home until midnight, so I’m really tired.

The Unidentified Superhero.


8 thoughts on “Superhero Progressive Dinner

  1. Anna says:

    Man, that sounds like so much fun! If I were a superhero I’d be SuperNova. Not funny, but I like the sound. Don’t know how I’d dress up for it, though.


  2. Melanie H. says:

    Looks like y’all had a fun and, hmm, interesting time at your gig!Thanks for leaving me a comment! Wasn’t the Grand Canyon amazing?! I’m glad you were able to experience the thrill of seeing it in person as well!God bless!Your fellow Rebelutionary,Melanie H.


  3. ariadne says:

    Sounds fun! I wish my church would do something like this. Hmm, could I be YarnWoman? Defending the world with my knitting needles? hee hee


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