Sarah’s Birthday Party

Yay… hurrah!

My parents usually don’t let me do sleepovers, but they did this once for various reasons. But they let me this time, for Sarah H (Jellybelly)’s birthday party. We had a few random things like last year… when we decided that sheep meow. This time we made fossilized Eskimo ruins out of Sculpey clay… heheh… and decided a whole bunch of random facts about Eskimos… like they loved the colors hot pink and orange, kind of worshipped porcupines, and made iridescent cookies.

Before Hannah left for the night we watched Court Jester, a really old “classic” comedy… parts of it were REALLY funny, others were kind of stupid. It was good, though. In the middle of it our older siblings came back from praise band practice (I was supposed to go but decided not to that week because of the birthday party) and tried to scare us.

We went to bed around midnight, and fell asleep pretty quickly… after talking about how I (being in the middle of Sarah and Caroline) would get rolled all over during the night. We decided to get up around 8, and then lay in our sleeping bags for a while, talking and Sarah was trying to tickle me. I’m not very ticklish so it didn’t go so well on her end. Then we were going way down in our sleeping bags and hiding from Oreo, the H’s dogs. Hannah came back and we ate breakfast, then did some more with Sculpey clay before Caroline left. Then we played Pit (fun game!) until mom picked me up and we left.

It was fun… lots of goofing around being hyper, especially during dinner.

Then I’m really happy for 3 reasons:
1. Daddy and I are going out for coffee later.
2. I’m going to an Irish dance class on Wednesday, to see if I like it… fencing hasn’t been as fun anymore, don’t really know why.
3. The H’s have an oboe nobody uses… and some books. Which means I can teach myself if I can’t find a teacher.

Wheee…. I’m happy right now.



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