Irish dance!

So today I went to an Irish dance class, fencing was becoming boring and I wasn’t getting anywhere.

One Irish dance class and I’ve already gotten somewhere. 😛

The good news was there was another girl there just starting, and since it was a higher up class (the lower ones were all little kids…), it was nice to have another beginner there. I already knew a few steps and stuff from my cousin, so I didn’t learn anything new, er, any new steps, I did learn a few technique things, like always making sure your ankles are crossed, making sure I don’t turn out, etc… stuff like that.

I think I’m going to keep up with it… I hope so, I had lots of fun today.


4 thoughts on “Irish dance!

  1. Autumn says:

    So you quit fencing totally, or are you just taking a break? Haha, you can change the title of your other blog to “Scribblings of a Barefoot Irish Dancer.” I love Irish dancing. It looks like so much fun. But I am not coordinated to do ANY kind of dancing!


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