Another weekend…

I’ve basically come to the conclusion that I make two posts a week… one more thoughtful/thought provoking one, if I have one, and then one that’s more about my week.

Nothing much exciting happened during the week, I had a lot of schoolwork and not much time for much else.
Wednesday night, though, was when other people went trick-or-treating, and we made an effort to get out of the compound. The C’s invited us, the H’s, and the F’s over for Reformation Night, so we went to that. We were all supposed to dress up as either a Bible character or a famous Christian. I went as Perpetua. Hannah was Jael (props helped us… tent peg and hammer… ouch), Sarah was… I can’t remember who, I think it was Jonathan Edward’s wife, Candace was Esther, Esther was Lydia, Nate was Gideon, Rachel was a missionary doctor in India… again the name slips my mind, Andrew was Luke Skywalker (Jesus is the force!), and Ruthie was Lady Jane Grey. I forget who Chloe was.
We guessed who everyone was, ate dinner, had a donut eating race (I’m working on a little silent film of that, it got pretty funny), and had a Bible scavenger hunt (we get a Bible reference as a clue and look it up, if it say something about a “chair,” we go look for the next clue on all the chairs, etc…).

Thursday was a usual Thursday – get up, do school, eat breakfast, leave for Irish dance, go to sewing. At sewing I finished my koala quilt piece for my Australian animals wall hanging. We had Oasis in the evening, and left almost right after we got back from sewing because Cait and I were both up for Submerge. It went well. Sarah H turned me up so people could actually hear me, and they didn’t think I sounded too bad.

Friday we had Church, then came back home and I wrote, then we left for First Friday Prayer and Praise… now it’s another relaxing Saturday morning.

Thursday started Nanowrimo. I’m already 10,000 words into it, and at the moment I am feeling a bit stuck, but I have been writing all morning. 🙂

We watched Time Changer on Tuesday night. It’s about a man who writes a book and there’s another man who doesn’t agree with something he said, so he sends him ahead in time to 2000, where he sees what happens when people leave God out of morals… at first I thought some of it was extreme, but then I was like, “No, it’s not. It IS a big deal if someone uses God’s name in vain, He’s commanded us not to.”
I recommend you watch Time Changer if you can get your hands on it.

I know this was a boring post, but my mind is focused on nanowrimo at the moment…


PS – it rained this morning! Hurrah!


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