A whole week…

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were not very exciting, just the usual school and WellGroup, Monday night I worked on my sewing project some, but then the machine started acting up.

Wednesday can be summed up in this quote: “I have had a wonderful [day]. This wasn’t it.” Started out fine, geometry went well, so did Chemistry… then we went to a Charity Bazzar and were there for a while and got back and I still had music, my chores, reading, and doing all the things that I wanted to do… so I got kinda stressed out and was in a rush and basically everything went wrong for a while, until I got to music practice, which always makes everything better (as long as my oboe reeds cooperate). Surprisingly I still got a lot done – made a few Christmas gifts, and managed to get everything done except reading.
Things I learned: attempting screamo while singing “White Christmas” gives you a headache. It also makes Cait start laughing uncontrollably… or maybe that was my over-rated screeching… Why did I learn this?
Because Cait and I recorded this…
Don’t worry, we’re usually not QUITE that weird…

Thursday we didn’t have dance, so we practiced the Candle Dance at the C’s house, then ate lunch and had sewing. After sewing Elisabeth had a Wind Band concert that we went to before going to Oasis. We finished our Jesus of Nazareth series, so as soon as we’re done with that in WellGroup, I hope to get my notes up from it. We had a Human Foosball Tournament, dividing up by suburb, and our suburb won. Afterwards we helped with take down, and a little hook on an umbrella (which was supposed to be for hooking parts of the umbrella together), hooked my toe… so it was bleeding for a while and a bit painful, but we wrapped it in paper towel and tape.

Friday I was going to do live Nativity at Church, but things didn’t quite work out. Cait and Mommy did it, though. Volleyball was okay on my part… most of my serves were good (YES!), and I got a few good hits in, but most of them didn’t go so well. After volleyball was the Annual Christmas Carol, which, like last year, was wonderful. The orchestra played the same version of Joy to the World (which I absolutely LOVE… it starts out with just the cello, then flutes join in, then saxophones, and then violins, finally the whole thing… absolutely gorgeous).

Saturday we were just at home, the R’s came over for a little, while and then I think I was reading.

Sunday the Y’s were here from Bahrain, and we were planning on going out to the desert, and we did, but never got very far because the other 4-wheel drive was a 4-wheeled 2-wheel drive (meaning the 4-wheel drive didn’t work, so it wasn’t strong enough to drive in sand). On the way home we got ice cream at the gas station and ran into Dragon Mart to get my Secret Santa gift for next week. Sarah came with me to Well Group, which went VERY well, I learned a lot… and I plan on scanning pages from my book rather than typing up notes, because it will work better.

Monday I solved the second layer of the Rubix’s Cube, and almost got the third, but it screwed up. We went to Safa Park to Christmas carol, but before everyone got there, we were climbing around on a big netted-like thing and playing soccer and frisbee. Then we sang… ’twas fun.

Today (Tuesday) was a wee bit stressful, I was trying to finish school AND the Rubix’s Cube at the same time… and I’m a rather task-oriented person, thus wanting to finish both before doing anything else…

Math book: Kimberly wants to make an angel food cake. Each cake uses 1 1/2 dozen eggs. If Kimberly has 6 dozen eggs, how many cakes can she make?
Nate: None. She doesn’t have any flour. But if she DID… she still wouldn’t be able to, because she doesn’t have any sugar.

Elisabeth: It was cracked, and it continues to be cracked.

Everyone: Hi, Mr. and Mrs. P!
Denis: Yo, what up, dude?

Denis: I’ve figured out I can play [volleyball] with my hands in my pockets.

‘Nother post soon.



3 thoughts on “A whole week…

  1. Torin says:

    Wow. Are you a writer? ;)BTW. Did you know ‘WoodlandRose’ on your NaNoWriMo friends list is also Imp from our blog? It’s her old account from last year.It’s a small world.


  2. Kyleian says:

    Who me? A writer? Now why would you think that? 😛 Whoa… that’s a little creepy… *thinks for a minute* I’m trying to remember where I “met” her last year… the only places I can think of are Arwen-Undomiel, NarniaWeb, or Nanowrimo. *shrug*


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