A rather dreamy all over the place post.

I’ve been feeling rather like the title up there ^ .

I’ll try to compress my thoughts and put them in order enough to make a legible post.

I finally got pictures from Christmas uploaded… here are a few from my Well Group Christmas party.I love the angles on this one… then look at the person in the middle… haha, H!

We were going to take some nice pictures to send to our friend in the states… but…
We did get a few nice ones, but on those ones the lighting on my camera was bad so they didn’t turn out too well.

Shall we dance?

Stormy skies… and the Burj Dubai rising above everything else.

It’s been raining. And today it’s not just been raining, it’s been pouring. In some places it’s so flooded people are basically unable to go out. Here in the compound there are places the water is ankle deep. I’m so happy that my cloak is waterproof… otherwise mom would have never let me tramp around out there for an hour. It’s not quite as exciting and doesn’t have nearly as much scope for the imagination as running all over gramma’s field does, but ’twas fun nonetheless.

Well Group was canceled because roads were closed because of security because President Bush was in Al Ain coming to Dubai… so instead we went to Festival City and got ice cream at Marble Slab (they had peppermint… yum!) and then went shopping for a little while (ugh for most of it, but there was one store I liked, I got a really nice shirt there for not too much).
Monday we didn’t go out at ALL because basically ALL the roads were closed.

Today I’ve had about 50 story ideas running through my head, jumbling everything up. I know they can all come together in some way, they all have strange cloaked wanderers like myself in them…


6 thoughts on “A rather dreamy all over the place post.

  1. kalipay says:

    which one is you, Kyleian? that “Marble Slab” sounds like a “ColdStone” here in the US. a friend took me to one recently… i never believed that some ice cream tasted better than others til that night!!!


  2. Autumn says:

    The Christmas party looks fun. The dresses are all pretty. It isn’t raining or snowing here. Just very dry. I bet that things get pretty busy when President Bush gets over there!


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