From an email from BananaBint… posted with her permission.

[We watched a video] called “Breathe.” Let me just summarize it for
So this guys is in a train station and he’s talking. And first he
talks about God’s name. Did you know that the word LORD (in English)
is translated to Yahweh (in Hebrew). But in Bible times, the Lord’s
name was not pronounced. Why? Because it was made up of the letters
(this sounds so much better if I say it, but I’ll do my best with just
typing) yah ha va ha. (Sometimes pronounced Yaveh.) Those were the
consonants in Hebrew. So the Hebrew scholars didn’t think they should
or could be pronounced ’cause you can’t have a word made up of

Now take a moment, look away from the computer, and listen to yourself

What do you hear? Yah ha va ha. Whenever ANYONE breathes, they
proclaim God’s name. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

If someone were to say to you: “*take a breath* There is no God *exhale
while talking*” this is what you would be hearing: Yah ha va ha. As I
said before, it really needs to be said instead of typed, so next time
I see you, remind me.

In both Hebrew and Greek the word for Spirit and the word for Breath
are the same. When we are filled with the Spirit, we are filled with
the breath of God. We can not live without the breath of God.
When a baby first comes into the world, what is the first thing it
does? Breathe. The first thing a baby does is proclaim God’s name.
When someone dies, they STOP BREATHING. When we can no longer proclaim
God’s name, we die.
So he went on to say that you can breathe in the Spirit, but exhale the
things that are not helping you grow in the LORD (Ya ha va ha) or are
hindering you from getting closer to Him.


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