Mark Study

From the first half of the school year 2006-2007.

Mark 1 notes, October , 2006

Who is Jesus?
Popular ideas:
1. Jesus was a good teacher/man. (How do you measure a good teacher? The content of their teaching.
2. Jesus was a lunatic – “Believed he was, but he wasn’t.”
3. Jesus was a liar – who died like a fool.
4. Jesus really is the Son of God.
Your answer to this question answers the rest of the questions in your life.
People think Jesus had Narcissism(there is an actual disorder called Narcissism, when someone actually thinks they’re god). He does not fit the criteria for that disease.

Who do YOU believe Jesus is?
Jesus isn’t just something to learn about.

A problem:
How could someone not care? Their life is consumed by the 3T’s: Trivial, Temporary, Themselves.
An example of someone who cared: John the Baptist. He was passionate, bold, and focused. So focused he didn’t get distracted by clothes and food. People listened to him because he LIVED WHAT HE BELIEVED!

The problem isn’t believing. It’s CARING! make sure you care! Someone consumed with themselves doesn’t care, and DON’T ENCOURAGE THEM!
This world is temporary. Don’t live for what’s temporary. Nothing here is permanent.
Most discontentment is when you’re unhappy. It’s not all about you!
Where’s the shuttle of your life heading?
When I am dead, what will people say about me? At my funeral, when people look at my casket, what will they think about me?

Mark 2 notes October 12, 2006

Pharisees – group of people who “liked to play pretend.” “Above and Beyond the call of duty.” They were hypocritical, they wore masks. The masks hid who they really were – they didn’t have anything going on where it really mattered. They thought they were doing well. They had it all – EXCEPT WHAT MATTERED!
Who am I? Am I a pharisee? Or am I who God wants me to be? Let God clean you up; let him take the mud off. It’s not about you do. God doesn’t want your stuff, he wants you! “Nothing to the cross I bring, only to your feet I cling.”

The tax collectors were a hated people.

The pharisees wondered and judged Jesus, but Jesus stays calm and explains.
Pharisees: religion is doing good things to make me look better before God.
Truth: God doesn’t make bad things happen because he doesn’t like you. He doesn’t measure you because of what he’s done.

What would you do if you saw someone who didn’t fit in?
Pharisee: Ignore them. I’m too cool for them!
Jesus: I came for disgusting people. I came for people who are holding out their hands for hope! Someone who needs me and doesn’t fit in!

There’s nothing you can do to get sin off. You need God’s help; He will get dirty for you! Don’t focus on the rules. The Pharisees missed Jesus because they weren’t focusing on the right thing.

They were too focused on mundane things.
Jesus entered history for you! Don’t ignore him.
He wants you back, He loves you.

Mark 4 is missing in my notes, so we’ll have to skip it, but here are my notes from Chapters 3 and 5.

Mark 4: What if Every choice had a Bad Consequence?
John Welknerd, October 14, 2006

Blaspheming against the holy spirit – rejecting it means no forgiveness.

80 million childrin are victims of child abuse yearly.
500 million abortions annually.
1.2 million people comitting suicide annually.
Jesus let us know he hasn’t fiven up on us. He let us learn from him, hear from him, and observe him.

The Holy Spirit is a comfortor, convicter, and the one who draws us nearer to God. If the spirit didn’t draw us, we wouldn’t go. No one would admit we need Him.

“I’m reaching out for you. I want you back.” ~Jesus

Blaspheming the holy spirit is sort of like catching a boat. You need the ramp (the holy spirit) to get on the boat (Jesus). There’s a choice: Keep the ramp? Or discard it?
How many times can you say no? Forgivness is still available.
We’re covered in mud. We can’t get it off on our own. Jesus cleans us off.
Will you take the way to God? Or will you reject it?

Mark 5 (though 4 is sorta tied into it)
Donita Jones, November 2, 2006 (Donny gave the message when Welkner was in India)
Jesus wants to be our light in every area. Process what you hear and listen to GOd. You’ve only heard it when your life has been transformed. Be prepared to sow and to reap. God calls us to work alongside us. Random acts of kindness can reap large quantities.
The harvest is ready.
Mustard seed: Our growing life/walk with Jesus
Have faith: I trust you, God. Storms will come, we have to face them, but You will help us.
You don’t have to go with Jesus. He will go with you. Go tell the world about God’s love and what the Lord has done for us. Go down the mountain and out into the world. Get out of your comfort zone.

Just Believe!

“Be still and know that He is God”

And I can’t find 6 and 7…

Get off the Fence: Mark 8

You choose:
Are you going to live by faith? or By sight? If you’re ashamed of yourself, God’s ashamed of you. Don’t play games with God. The pharisees didn’t – wouldn’t – believe. Why should Jesus do more, when they’d seen and not believed? Faith is a choice, not a daily routine.

Will your heart be hard? or soft? Question in your heart. Watch your heart: who cares about whatever else. What matters is the condition of your heart.

Who will you live for? self interest? or God’s interest? Peter rebukes Jesus because what Jesus says doesn’t match up to the Jewish prophecies. Get off the fence and follow God – even though you’ll lose everything. The root of difference in your life.

Make a choice and get off the fence.
Live for Him – some decisions are important.

Mark 9: The Big Extremes

Know it and believe it – REALLY believe it. We don’t nee dsomething awesome to make us believe – most won’t even then. The disciples were confused even after a sign. They still had disbelief – they were selfish. What about you?

Come down from the mountaintop experience and don’t change. The Diciples are real people. Jesus doesn’t meet our expectations. Stop and think = what?

Worm shall not die = showing what @#!*% is like – night and day tormening nad punishment.

What Jesus means when he says to cut off our hand, etc., if it causes us to sin is IT WOULD BE BETTER. Sin is to be taken seriously. IT WOULD BE BETTER to be maimed and go to heaven than to be successful and go to @#!*% . JEsus said this. It shows why he came and solved the problem so we wouldn’t kill ourselves. I’ll do it for you – he took care of the sin problem.
Recognize we need to understand we’re gross and disgusting. Remember Jesus came for us – there’s nothing left for us to do but believe. Recognize – Remember – Believe.

What are you gonna do?

Mark 10: What does it mean to be truly great?

Don’t trade your future for the present.

Right young man blinded by wealth and stuff. Blindness to reality. What must I do? How do I get eternal life? “FOLLOW ME!”
Spiritual life v.s. physical life.
Don’t separate the two!
Yes or no? Here or there?
What do I truly value the most? Keep your goal in sight!

Get ready for what’s going to happen. Doesn’t matter WHERE you sit, only that you are THERE!

Servant first – servant of all.
Are you? Are you just like Jesus?
Are we willing?
Do we have what matters? Are we blind?

The blind man has more sight than the people with physical sight. He got it. It’s not about us. God takes us even when we have nothing to give.
Even when we have nothing to give.

Mark 11

V. 1-11:
Jesus doesn’t meet our expectations. In: Party. Out: Condemned. What happened?
Jesus would not do anything less than he had came to do. Then they realized that he wasn’t who they thought.

v. 12-19
They thought they were obeying. So why did Jesus overturn their tables? He saw their movives. He sees OUR motives. Their heart was not in worship, but the law. They had form, but not faith.

v. 20-26
Jesus had said the fig tree would die later, when he had cursed it earlier.
BELIEVE, don’t doubt.
Checkpoint: Who did they think he was?

God is far bigger than we could ever conceive him to be. Nothing. NoThInG. NOTHING! is impossible with God.

v. 27-33
Authorities: Didn’t see, didn’t believe. Authority without authority. If they believed the authority was from heaven, they wouldn’t have been scared of riot. God is the ONLY authority without authority.

*Don’t worry what will happen if you serve Jesus. It doesn’t matter what other people think. Let God shape your heart with who He is. Doing nothing about what we learned is going to ruin our character.

Mark 12
Death – the one thing in common with everyone. We can’t avoid it – it’s not a choice. But hope is available – all is not lost.
The Saducees did not believe in life after death. Jesus is not the God of the deat. He is the God of the living (v. 27) because of this, we are saved from the hopelessness of death.
He is our ransom. Parable of the tenants shows how he will ransom us. And how he’ll give his son.
“In death, recall, unerringly, that you will always reign with me.”
Read this:
We are the wicked tenants in the vineyard. Will we accept the king’s invitation to live with Him forever? Remember the words of the king. Don’t be ashamed to give hte message of the king.

Don’t make God and the kingdom of God small. GOD IS AWESOME! Response to God is to give up everything for Him. Don’t believe God’s worthy of it, you don’t know him.

Mark 13
Heads Up!
He’s not weird. He’s just misunderstood.

STAND FIRM (13:13)
You’ll be rejected… or, don’t you have anything to stand for?

Or yo’ll be decieved… or is this all yu have to live for?
This is what will happen. Are you prepared?
Now= kingdom of Man
Then = kingdom of God
Where are you looking? Where is your heart? Don’t be deceived. What do you have to live for? Personal inventory: What do you have to live for? This pile of stuff? This cluster of friends? This list of future plans?

WATCH (13:37)
Time is not something you control. If your watch dies, time didn’t stop. WE CAN’T STOP TIME!
Look out: He’s coming back. How will we spend our seconds? Minutes? Hours?
Live every SECOND as if its your last. Live it for Him.
What am I living for?

There is hope for those who stand firm.

Mark 14
That was dumb.

v. 3-5
Why the waste?
Why is this a “waste”?
*It’s expensive and it used up quickly – a whole year’s wages!
* Better things to buy with the money – meeting real, better needs.

v. 6
A beautiful thing?
Why is this not a waste?
*Jesus has done so much for us
*The poor will always be with us.
*He’s God, respect to him from her heart.
*Serving Jesus, she did what she could – a way of TRUE worship.

v. 8
She did what she could – why?
1. She knew what people needed most.
2. She knew whose head she was annointing.
3. She knew why she was annointing him.

Beautiful thing.
No small thing to devote the best and all of me to the King of Kings. He’s the only thing, the only reason. How much is he worth to you?

Mark 15
Watch Your Step
Following Peter: Mark 14:27-72

What changed?
1. Circumstances
2. Surroundings
3. People
4. Pressure
Peter exchanged a discipleship of costly following for one of safe observation. Circumstances shouldn’t matter.

How did this happen? The battel against sin is the battle against unbelief.

What can I do about it?
Remember this: Mark 15:1-39
It was doen for you. me. us.
Something awesome was done on your behalf – because HE – LOVED – YOU!

Believe it. 2 Corinthians 5:17-21
How far are you willing to go?

Welkner then read this article aloud: Please, read it… it’s a great article, I don’t want anyone to miss out on it.
Not only was the physical pain great, but imagine the wrath of God being poured out on your head. That was what made it so much worse.

You know, I’ve always wondered about unreached peoples – how will they know? When end times come, what about people who never had the chance to hear? Richard put it this way… You know how when you look around you, you see some of the majesty, and the awesomeness of God shown through His creation. They still see that. They can still know there is a creator.

Just an interesting point I thought I’d bring up.


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