The series from Oasis at the beginning of school year 2007-2008

Pause: Week One
ext: Luke 3:21-28 (you can read it here)
ig Idea: At the moment of temptation, let’s learn to pause and remember there’s always more at stake.

An observation on Temptation:
They are painfully addictive things. Why? We come back and cave in again and again. It’s a pattern: tempation, sin, guilt, temptation… It’s like this because we are seriously sinful wicked people.
We don’t need a system to solve our problems, we need a savior. Someone to come along and clean off the mud, get us out of the loop. With a system we just fail ourselves.

Big Question: Is Jesus our rescuer?

1. Jesus was baptized, associating himself with sinful men.
2. Jesus was declared to be the Son of God, by God himself.
3. Luke shows us Jesus’ family tree… a picture of God’s rescue plan, Jesus is the answer to Adam’s problem, where Adam failed, Jesus will SUCCEED and live up to His name to be a Savior.
God doesn’t give us what we deserve because he loves us.

Pause: Week 2
ext: Luke 4:1-4. You can read it here

Big Idea: At the moment of temptation, let’s learn to pause and remember there’s always more at stake.

Another observation:
Tempation is global. It’s not a social or religious problem. It’s not just you.

Big question: what can we do about it?
Fight temptations with the TRUTH. Quote scripture as an answer for every temptation – it is THE TRUTH. Turn on the light to deflect the darkness, don’t accept it, because behind every temptation there is a lie. The devil destracts us from God. It leaves us empty inside, like the Turkish Delight left Edmund yearning for more – it’s an empty illusion. Fill up with Jesus.

The First Temptation: Turn stone into bread.
Why is this a temptation?
We live because the very word of God says so. At the heart of this temptation is the question “Can God be trusted?” The devil makes God seem small. How can we look in the face of our Provider and say we can’t trust Him? Your next heartbeat, your next breath, are a gift from God. Don’t just know it, believe it. God’s best will be poured into our lives if we wait.

How big is the God we serve?

Pause Week Three
Luke 4: 5-8; Deuteronomy 6:13
Big Idea:
At the Moment of tempation, let’s learn to pause and remember there’s always more at stake.

Temptation Number 2: What’s really going on?
Satan surrounds Jesus with a lie. Puts it right there, right now, all around him.
Satan exercised the authority we gave him.
The goal was to get Jesus to want the lie more than the truth. We believe we can become like God, so we fall to temptation.
Satan shows his cards and reveals his heart and desire – he is a glory theif, doing anything he can to steal the glory of God.

Temptation 2: How does Jesus respond?
Fight Temptation with the Truth.
The Truth of who God is. God exposes us to the lies of temptation by revealing himself to us.
The Truth of what he’s done. Remember what amazing things God has done in your life. The more we see of who God is, the more we see the decay of the world and the less desireable they become. Get out of the Matrix and into God. (Matrix point – we live in a world that’s not real and we don’t care, just that it tastes SO good. We live in a world full of death, though). It’s like day old popcorn vs jello – we want the popcorn because we can’t see how good the jello is. Fight temptation with what we really could have.
The Truth that only God is worthy of our worship. God is jealous for what is His alone, and He knows His glory is best for us. Only in worshipping God will we find true JOY.

John 14:6 is the way out of the Matrix.

We’re tempting ourselves to worship ourselves. See the solution and believe.

Pause Week 4
Luke 4:9-12, Deuteronomy 6:16, Exodus 17.

Wrong is anything contrary to God’s nature. One thing in common with mankind: we’ve all done wrong.

Summary of past talks:
Willingly deciding to accept a lie as the truth is like putting a blindfold on yourself, living in darkness. Light shows the truth of reality.
Too often we choose to live in a place without light, where people are encouraged to go deeper into darkness. Turn on the lights, see The Truth. See Jesus. We’re scared of the dark, but our eyes our closed to the light that’s really out there.
We live and breathe because God wills it.
We live in a world of death and hopelessness.

Luke 4:-12. What really is going on here?
Lie: God exists to make much of you. He’s like a genie. We think of God as a genie too much. Don’t ask what He cna do for us, rather what we can do for Him. Don’t disguise selfishness with goodness (ie- quoting scripture).

Truth: We exist to make much of God and worship Him. Just because He exists, our lives should be exhausted in worshipping Him.

Deuteronomy 6:16 and Exodus 17 – Massah. Is God the kind of God who does whatever we ask Him to do? What should the Israelites’ attitudes have been? They should have been thinking about the awesome acts of God in the past, declaring his awesomeness, being willing to die of thirst joyfully. In seeing God’s greatness, we desire Him more and the temptation less.

The Bible is the light we need to change the darkness. It gives us God’s character. It’s God’s rescue plan. Open your eyes to the light.

Pause Conclusion
Luke 4:1-13.
Final Questions:
Why is this relevant to me?
Or, what has God been teaching me?
We all face temptation. Every moment of our life is a battle being fought between us and the world, God and the devil. There is only one way to overcome temptation: Jesus – the way, the truth, and the life. (John 14:6).
He is God, we are not God. We might think (we can be) (are) God, but we’re not. Our first thought is always of ourselves. Let it be of God and of others. When God does something, it shouldn’t be, “How dare He!,” rather, “Your will, not ours, be done, Lord.”

What does it do for us to see God the way He really is?
When we see God the way He really is, we see ourselves for who we truly are – selfish, sinful people. We are weak, small, tired… we are failures, we are wrong.
The world is home to death. Where temporary things live and where we’ll always be wanting more. People who want more and more will be fearful in the end.
A world full of death is not tempting. See God as he truly is and we will see this… but also God’s awesomeness. Nobody can encounter a truck and walk away unchanged. If they do, they’re lying or they’re crazy. How much bigger is God than a truck? We cannot see God’s awesomeness and still want to be of the world.
We need a different focus.

How do we change?
God gives us truth. He shows us who He is in creation and by His word. Look at it and you go there. It’s like driving a car, you look at the tree, you hit it. You look away from it, you don’t hit it. What’s our focus?
God takes care of our sin problem. Our sin shut a door, Christ blew it open.
God transforms us. (2 Corinthians 5:17) He gives us new hearts, so we will love what He loves and hate what He heats. Temptation then melts away and God makes us holy.
Holiness – fruit from a true child of God. What is growing from our lives? What can we do about it?


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