I’ll go through my whole week for you… partly for me, too, to put it all in simpler terms than it’s been in my head.

Sunday Daddy and I went out for coffee to finish Before You Meet Prince Charming, an amazing book written by Sarah Mally. In the evening was Well Group, where we finished our Jesus of Nazareth study.

Monday after oboe I went to the H’s. Sarah and I made Minestrone for dinner, made prettiful music on our instruments (her on violin, me on oboe… trying to play duets but we couldn’t decide on one so we tried a whole bunch!), ate, and then we all left for Perspectives.

Tuesday we went to the dentist. Fun. Though here they claim our teeth are so good we don’t need any cleanings.

Wednesday… I can’t remember anything of what we did, if anything.

Thursday dance was loads of fun, we started learning the primary slip jig, which is very bouncy and lots of turns… love it. Sewing went well, and I stayed at the C’s and watched part of Prince Caspian then went with them to Oasis.

Friday after Church we had a Well Group fondue party at the H’s. It was fun, we made our fondue (cheese and chocolate) cut up everything, played signs, and ate. Then we went to volleyball (which went REALLY well on my part… good serves, a few good hits…). We left pretty quickly afterwards and when we got home I read, caught up on Perspectives, and edited my story.

The past few days I’ve been feeling like having a really deep conversation, I don’t really know about what, I just want to talk about more than what I do every day as it so often happens with friends. Sharon was so good at bringing up deeper subjects. *sigh* I miss her.

How are you all?



2 thoughts on “

  1. drumofadifferentbeat says:

    Not really… just something deeper than the school week and how we slept on Thursday night when I’m talking with Hannah and Sarah and people…


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