Father-Daughter Campout

We got back this morning from the Father-Daughter Campout.

When we got to our normal Church campsite we found out that people were already there, so we drove around for a while to find another campsite. Sarah H was in our car and we were talking some and listening to music.
After setting up tents and getting a fire going, we climbed around on the dunes and jumped off ridges until dinner time. After dinner we were telling jokes and the dads told stories and daddy talked about father-daughter relationships for a few minutes. Then we had S’mores and got ready for bed.
In the morning I went up on a dune before most of the other older girls were awake and sat up there for a while before they came up and joined me. Suddenly we saw a hot air balloon collapsing a few dunes away, so ran over there and watched them take it down.
After breakfast we packed up and played Empires while people went on the quad bike.

“Let’s go on the big’une.”
“A baboon?”

“I woke up this morning and thought i heard someone on the quad bike… but I sat up and realized it was my dad snoring.”


Sarah wearing my cloak and being a ringwraith:

A rather creepy picture of me holding the gecko we found.

Bethany holding the gecko:

Hot air balloons:

Camel track meets beetle tracks:

A beautiful morning sunrise:

All for now.




One thought on “Father-Daughter Campout

  1. kalipay says:

    the sunrise picture is the best!!! are you going to tell a little about what happened at the retreat? what did you learn? how did it help your relationship with your dad?


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