So much going on…

Sometimes when there’s a lot going on it’s really hard to organize all your thoughts and keep them all straight…

Like times when it seems music is the only thing that makes sense and the rest of the world is confusing…
many times music is the thing I understand most and the thing that helps me work things out…

And times when you’re so overwhelmed by the feeling of love from your Creator that you just want to spread your wings and fly, even though you’re really sore from playing tag in a maze for 2 hours the day before…
Nathan is back for Spring Break, and Saturday we went to Za’abeel park for a picnic with the Rs and played tag and dodgeball tag for a total of two hours. Fun, but very tiring. I didn’t get tagged until near the end of Dodgeball tag when Rachel decided to remind Nathan that I hadn’t been tagged yet, so then he was after me for a while trying to get me… he finally did. Then ‘e got me again.

…And times when just sitting, being quiet, and enjoying the morning with a friend is one of the things you need most at that moment.

Easter at the Beach Sarah and I sat in the sun for a little while, just sitting there and enjoying the breeze… then we got up and played Frisbee, did cartwheels in the water, and ate a wonderful Easter breakfast of Resurrection rolls and donuts.

We went to the Seder meal in the evening. That was fun, it was a Seder Meal for Christians, so things had been re-written to be from the perspective of a believer thinking upon the Messiah’s sacrifice rather than a Jew awaiting the Messiah.

… and I believe I just summed up my week with Photography.
There were a few times this week I wish I could’ve looked into someone’s mind, seen what they were thinking… wished I could have been alone and sat closer to God over the Easter weekend… wondered how people could be so confusing…
Yet it all comes down to trusting God with everything in the end… and dwelling on the sacrifice of His son that allows us to draw near to Him and be comforted.

– Ky

“Greater love hath no man than this… that a man lays down his life for his friends.”


One thought on “So much going on…

  1. Autumn says:

    I know those days! Cello just sort of clears my thoughts, and I understand it better than anything else.
    Your Easter sounds awesome.
    Your pictures are beautiful!


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