Surge preparation

Wow… this weekend was really busy. I’ll sum up best I can without getting you lost in all the confusion going on in my mind.

Friday was a very long day… to put it simply.
After Church we had a Surge training meeting for India, which was somewhat long but very good and definitely removed quite a lot of the worry I had (though all the talk of Malaria made it worse!) It was also nice to see who all was going, we’d only heard bits and rumors before then, this was the first group gathering where we could really see who all was going.
Then after Surge we went to Volleyball (which was pretty bleh… for various reasons).
Then we had Submerge. At first it was going really awfully, things weren’t cooperating, people were telling me to do things I didn’t quite understand how to do, I was getting lost when we were playing with just the guitars… basically got to the point where I was ready to cry. Then Mr. Richard arrived, and everyone except the guitarists went to go work on harmonies… Mr. Richard got out his guitar and we started working on bringing all 3 of us to the same level (Mitch is amazing on guitar and bass, Eli is pretty good but unsure of himself when it comes to being the only lead guitar, and me… well, it’s awfully hard to pick out strumming patterns without a drum! And we all play in different styles…). Probably the best thing I heard that night was “And we are going to work on strumming patterns.”
Anyway, it ended up being a pretty good night.

Saturday we went shopping for clothes for Surge and went out for Indian food (YUMMY!).
Today mom and I went to get a second pair of glasses for me just in case my pair broke on the trip… they’re not ready yet, but when they are I’ll have trouble deciding which pair will be my backup!

Things you can pray for for Surge:
– That no one would get sick in any way! This is probably what’s bugging me most right now, I get sick really easily when I’m working and get overheated with very little sleep… which the conditions there will probably be like.
– Unity for the team. The majority of the people who are going are either really close or barely know each other at all. It’s hard to work together unless we can put down any hidden biases and serve each other while serving the orphanage.
– That we will be lights!


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