Good songs

I love this song.
(The Valley Song – Jars of Clay)

You have led me to the sadness
I have carried this pain
On a back bruised, nearly broken
I’m crying out to you

I will sing of Your mercy
That leads me through valleys of sorrow
To rivers of joy

When death like a Gypsy
Comes to steal what I love
I will still look to the heavens
I will still seek your face

But I fear you aren’t listening
Because there are no words
Just the stillness and the hunger
For a faith that assures

Alleluia, alleluia
Alleluia, alleluia

While we wait for rescue
With our eyes tightly shut
Face to the ground using our hands
To cover the fatal cut

And though the pain is an ocean
Tossing us around, around, around
You have calmed greater waters
Higher mountains have come down

Alleluia… alleluia… alleluia…

I will sing of Your mercy
That leads me through valleys of sorrow
To rivers of joy

This one’s also good:
Be My Escape – Relient K

I’ve given up on giving up slowly, I’m blending in so
You won’t even know me apart from this whole world that shares my fate
This one last bullet you mention is my one last shot at redemption
because I know to live you must give your life away

And I’ve been housing all this doubt and insecurity and
I’ve been locked inside that house all the while You hold the key
And I’ve been dying to get out and that might be the death of me

And even though, there’s no way in knowing where to go, promise I’m going because
I gotta get outta here
I’m stuck inside this rut that I fell into by mistake
I gotta get outta here
And I’m begging You, I’m begging You, I’m begging You to be my escape.

I’m giving up on doing this alone now
Cause I’ve failed and I’m ready to be shown how
He’s told me the way and I’m trying to get there
And this life sentence that I’m serving
I admit that I’m every bit deserving
But the beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair

I am a hostage to my own humanity
Self detained and forced to live in this mess I’ve made
And all I’m asking is for You to do what You can with me
But I can’t ask You to give what You already gave

I fought You for so long
I should have let You in
Oh how we regret those things we do
And all I was trying to do was save my own skin
But so were You

So were You

This is what I feel like sometimes:
Broken inside
Feeling alive
Forced to defy
Who casts me aside
I’m waiting to be
Broken inside
Losing my mind
Gasping for life
Crashing through times
That drive me to find
The darkness behind
Will never run dry
But all still stand

(Broken Inside – Broken Iris)

But recently this one has ruled them all…
The one who was rejected,
Because of hardness in their heart
The one who took the pain,
paid the price for our new start
This very One who died, and
gave us reason to live
To give love to those who’ve mistreated us
And a heart to forgiveChorus:
So rise up mighty warrior rise up
And receive what only God can give
He gives life, through the blood of Jesus Christ,
He gives love, and the strength to forgive.

To all who’ve suffered at the hands of another,
Come out from the bitterness, come out from the shame.
The God of Creation, He’s calling out yuor name,
Turn to those with love who have only brought you pain.

The lies, we’ve believe from our past
Were nothing but a cruel deception
To take from us what is rightfully ours
As sons and daughters under God’s protection

(Rise Up Mighty Warrior – Broken Walls)

Been packing for Surge… only 2 more days. Kinda scary… also been trying to get more sleep but last night that backfired and I slept worse than usual instead of better than usual. Guess you can’t always have everything.

See y’all later.



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