I’m all packed for India.


We go to the airport in 16 hours and 20 minutes.

I hope I sleep tonight… I’m getting really excited but also quite nervous. God is in control.

please be praying for our team of 20.

Things you can pray for:
– That no one would get sick in any way! This is probably what’s bugging me most right now, I get sick really easily when I’m working and get overheated with very little sleep… which the conditions there will probably be like.
– Unity for the team. The majority of the people who are going are either really close or barely know each other at all. It’s hard to work together unless we can put down any hidden biases and serve each other while serving the Indian Church.
– That we will be lights and show God’s love even though we don’t speak the language!
– Patience and safety. Being around people all day drives me batty, and this will be a real challenge.

See you after India!


2 thoughts on “Well…

  1. kalipay says:

    wow, have a good time! i sure hope you don’t get sick: it’s hard to be in a pleasant and serving mood when *you* feel nasty. 😦

    i understand what you’re saying about being around people all day. i sure hope this will be an occasion for you to conquer that preference and just be able to give of yourself to the thousands that will be surrounding you. show Jesus in you, learn to be more like Him! 🙂


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