A jumble of thoughts.

This week has been pretty good… interesting for sure.
It flew by… it hardly seems like a week ago we were just getting back from India.
I’ve really enjoyed this week, though. It’s had its fair share of downs, but there were quite a few ups.
The main down was missing India… but the up that came with that is being back has given me time to sit back and think about what I’ve learned and how I’m going to apply it.

I figured there were four main challenges it all came down to…
1. Stepping out of my comfort zone. It seem so scary, but when you’re actually out there, there’s so much joy and it’s not scary at all.
2. Taking the initiative. Mostly in serving and digging deeper into relationships. Since moving here I’ve noticed that for a lot of the people in the youth group I know, the only things we have in common are that we live in the same place and are followers of Christ… and that makes you dig so much deeper in conversation.
3. Dying to self This includes putting others first and serving them and God above myself.
4. Letting myself become weak. I’m really weak, and it’s because of my weakness that God’s power can show in my life… also realizing that I on my own cannot accomplish anything in my sin and selfishness.

This week was full of good conversations… over email I was having a conversation with someone about planting seeds in people’s hearts and pointing them to Christ by our actions and what we do – so that they don’t look at us and see accomplishments we’ve done, but rather things Christ has done.

Thursday Cait and I were back up on Submerge… it was good. Mr. M was playing acoustic guitar, too, which was really helpful, and I think I was playing a lot more confidently with him playing too. Some things were a little frustrating, though, like the first cable I used didn’t work and after Philip moved the monitor closer to me so I could hear Mr. M playing more, somebody moved it again so I couldn’t hear as well, plus we practiced past 7, which is not a fun thing to do because it means not as much time to talk with people.

Friday evening we went out to the desert, which was loads of fun… before many other people got there I was able to climb up on top of the dunes and sit for about half an hour just thinking… then I went down and was talking to Stephanie and Rachel some. The H’s came and Sarah, Esther, and I walked around for a little while, then got out the larps. Philip, Daniel, Nate, Sarah, Esther, and I larped for a while, which was very fun, and I got to fight Philip a lot which was challenging but fun anyway. We all tend to hold conversation while we larp, though, which can get pretty funny, both what we talk about and sound effects put in. We were also larping in slow-mo, which was fun. We went down to the camp then and looked at the moon and Saturn through the R’s telescope.
After dinner Sarah and I went up to Big ‘Une the second… and basically talked about life, the universe, and everything for about an hour. In more detail, we were discussing what I learned in India (mostly the 4 challenges and how they can all come together and how we can apply them… somewhat confusing but thought provoking and good anyway), and how people change. Still trying to work some of my thoughts out, but I think at this rate I should be there by this summer. 😛



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