Not much to say…

This week was really laid back and somewhat refreshing… we had a really small group at Well Group on Sunday, just Sarah, Sarah, Alicia, and I.
Monday Sarah and I played Pachelbel’s Canon on Violin and oboe. Except for the fast parts (which I have to practice on my own) it’s going really well. My oboe lesson also went rather well, especially for being back from vacation. Perspectives was good but somewhat sad… it was our last week, though tomorrow we still have our closing dinner. I’ll miss both Perspectives and my Monday afternoons with Sarah (though until after the No Talent Show, Sarah and I will be getting together to practice Pachelbel’s Canon and How Sweet and Awful is the Place (the tune most of us know as “The King of Love My Shepherd Is”).

Tuesday and Wednesday dad and Cait went to Venice… they brought me back a mask…






I love it. 🙂

Thursday was long… Cait had Dutch, Candace had violin, then we had dance, sewing… I stayed out at the C’s and we left for Oasis at around 5:30 to get there at 6, because Philip and I were playing with Submerge. We were able to set up and get ready before the whole band got there, so then we did sound check and prayed. Mr. M got there late but as soon as he arrived we started practicing… and we finished right around 7, which is a first…
On the way home I was thinking a lot… and getting overwhelmed with everything I’ve been learning and how to apply it all. When I learn something… I like to apply it right away and start changing my life. But when I can’t quite see how to do that, I get really overwhelmed. We were driving home, and then suddenly I remembered that really, to see how to live as a Christian, I can stop focusing on all these “do’s” like “Do die to self,” “do serve more,” etc… and instead just focus on Christ. And instead of going through a constant list of things in my head… it becomes just a “Would doing/saying this reflect Christ in my life or myself?”
I’m still constantly saying “Jesu Juva” (Jesus help me!) in my head, though, because I so need his help… I even have J.J. written on my thumb to remind me that apart from Him, I can do nothing.

– Ky

4 thoughts on “Not much to say…

  1. Anna says:

    you look like a creepy hawk. it’s cool.

    I read a book you might like. It’s called In the Hall of the Dragon King by Stephen Lawhead. It had gods in it, so it doesn’t look Christian at first, but it is. These people believe in gods, but God shows himslef to be the only true God later in the book. It’s really good. Try to get ahold of it if you can.


  2. Autumn says:

    You should record you all playing Pachelbel’s Canon. I love that song, and with the oboe, I bet is sounds awesome. Hear, my brother and I play around with it, but we just do cello and guitar.
    Yikes…Your mask is kind of scary!! =)


  3. kyleian says:

    Anna: I’m not allowed to read Stephen Lawhead for various reasons. But thanks for the suggestion.

    Autumn: Hopefully it’ll be videoed when Sarah and I perform it at the No Talent Show, and then I’d put it up on YouTube and post the link here. 🙂


  4. Anna says:

    Oh. Too bad. There’s another book called Against the Tide… dunno who it’s by… but it’s about this girl who was a Scottish Covenanter. I think… anyway, I thought of you when I read it…


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