Well, because Orange won the color war, those on the orange team got an all-expenses-paid trip to Snoopy Island in Fujaireh.

Not many of us went, just Ben, Kira, Mikhil and I, plus Shehan, Pastor W., Lisa, and the W. boys (Benjamin, James, and Luke). It was still so much fun, though.

With Shehan navigating on the way there, we managed to get lost… eventually ending up at a gas station, where Kira joined Lisa and I in the Durango instead of her riding as the only girl in the “Walrus.” At the gas station there was a man who was going to Fujaireh, so we followed him for a while, then went on our own to the hotel where we got passes to use the facilities there – kayaks, the pool, and lunch (as well as snorkeling). After lunch nobody really felt like going snorkeling, so we changed and went kayaking for a while (only Kira, Shehan, Ben, Mikhil and I). We paddled all the way around Snoopy Island, then were just wandering around in an open area for a while splashing each other with our paddles. (started when I splashed Kira because we were sharing a kayak and she wasn’t paddling… :P)

We raced Mikhil in to the shore, then got out of the kayaks and sat by the pool for a while talking (and being splashed). Then Mikhil, Shehan, and Pastor W. decided to go snorkeling. The rest of us went inside and had a snack. They didn’t snorkel for too long, there were some sort of biting plankton in the water so they all got lots of little red spots on their backs and legs and decided to come out of the water.

Kira and I sat on the edge of the pool and talked while the guys all swam, then we left to go home. In the car Mikhil, Kira, and I were sitting in the back and were talking about a lot of things, mostly school and music. We stopped at Uptown Mall for dinner and Mikhil and Kira’s parents picked them up there and we left to drop me off at home.

It was a very fun day… somewhat tiring, but everything was fun, especially kayaking.

“Well maybe God didn’t create dinosaurs, only dinosaur bones, just to confuse people.” – Pastor W.

“After this point chopping down trees and breaking up pavement is not allowed.”
“It says prohibited.”
“Same thing.”
“Aw man… I really wanted to chop down a tree over here… I mean, I came on this trip just to chop down a tree over here…”

“Sorry about all the construction… it’s not my fault.”
“Mikhil, we know you like to run around with a pick axe and break up the street, but…”

“Bugs Bunny isn’t real because God didn’t create him.” – James

“That pool is for the humans… and that one’s for the boys and girls.” – James

“Yeah… we got splashed a lot… by two dolphins… one in a pink hat and one in a white hat.” – Mikhil

… and a million and one other good quotes I can’t remember… a lot of which were based on our “amazing” navigation skills… 😛

– Ky

PS – please continue to pray for Lebanon...


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