“Is not the light of day a wondrous thing? It banishes all fears and worries of the previous night…”

Brian Jacques’s latest book in the Redwall saga came out a while ago…
And Nate and I were able to get our hands on a copy of it.

At a glance: It followed usual Redwall style, storyline, and had the peaceful Abbey wisdom against ruthless and vulgar vermin.

However I think that since last time I’ve read Redwall my worldview has changed slightly. I noticed the vulgarity and cruelty of the bad guys more… and the wisdom and love of the Redwallers more. It’s such a big contrast. And in many ways it shows just how we are in our sin – though often we don’t see it as quite that way because we’re blind to see it.

Anywho… there are many positive elements in Eulalia… however there are many negative elements as well. Brian Jacques does do a wonderful job of drawing the line between good and evil, though.

Positive –
Those living in the Abbey and the allies of the Abbey value human life – even those of the enemy. They know life is a gift and try to protect it.
Under the wise leadership of the Father Abbot the Abbey maintains order and peace even when threatened. And the Abbot shows wisdom in his judgments of those disrupting the abbey.
Jacques has much to say in his book through the Abbot and others (the badger Lord of Salamandastron, the Tabura, Salixa… etcetera). These are things that are in all of his books, much of which I did not pick up until now.

Negative –
The vermin often call each other names, and have VERY bad grammar and speak in an improper way… other animals do this too, but for the majority of them it’s just their accent.
Animals, both good and bad, refer to sending their enemies to hell. Vermin remark that their friends are probably already there.
There’s a lot about revenge in Eulalia, often the Abbot or someone tries to hold the one seeking revenge back, but sometimes they allow the creature to seek recompense for the life of a father or a wounding.

Brian Jacques has written another great Redwall book – full of adorable little dibbuns, “jolly good” hares (wot?), wise abbots, badgers stricken with bloodwrath, swimming otters… songs and poetry, descriptions of good food… he writes with his same ol’ wonderful style, which I love to read (albeit the chapters in this book are a good deal longer than is usual for him).

I’m not saying we should disregard the bad that’s quite present in the book – we should always be aware of the evil in the world and keep it completely separate from good… however Brian Jacques does a very good job of distinguishing between good and evil – and villains always get what they deserve, however good does not always unhurt in some way – in typical Redwall style, there’s always some good beast who dies.

Well… take up the badger war-cry with this book… and enjoy.

– Ky


5 thoughts on “EULALIA!

  1. Autumn says:

    I have never read the Redwall books before, but I have been told that they are excellent, and my brother likes them too. I just finished reading the Lemony Snicket Series (for the hundredth time!) so maybe after I finish reading The Great Gatsby, I’ll try these.


  2. Collin says:

    Hey, I am autumn’s little brother. I have read about half of the Redwall books but not this one. My favorite has been The outcast of Redwall but I prefer Brian Jacques other series castaways f the flying Dutchman better.


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