Monday Sarah and I had our last Pachelbel’s Canon practice. It went well, and we decided we could go ahead and play at the No Talent Show.
Thursday Candace and I got dropped off at the Ba’s early and did school their with Sarah and Rachel until Mrs Siobhan came for dance. After warming up we worked on the piece she’s choreographing for us, and then we started working on our own piece for the No Talent show (Just Hannah, Vashti, and I).
After Sewing I stayed at the C’s and then we went to Oasis early to set up for the No Talent Show and practice. Sarah and I ran through Pachelbel’s Canon once, then I ran through the dance with Hannah and Vashti, and set up my guitar. After a bit of frustration with a cracked reed and not being able to find the remote for the screen, Sarah and I finally went on, and our playing went really well – I messed up twice, once adding a note and another time my fingers got all jumbled up so I had to stop for a measure to find out where I was. The dance went really well, and Cait sang really well and my playing guitar for her went pretty well.
Things other people did…
– Daniel playing guitar with a violin bow… looked kinda like he was playing a cello.
– A bunch of people got up and did the Beaver Song.
– A drum duet
– Mitch and Dennis on guitar and drum
– A couple bands
– A couple skits…

I have videos of everything I was a part of, so as soon as those are up on YouTube I’ll post a link.

Friday after Church I went with the H’s to the mall and ate lunch with them there.  Sophia S got lost, so we looked for her for a while, then after she was found, we went to the H’s house and watched their hedgehog eat a beetle (with lots of nice crunches…) and looked at pictures of their old house and some other family pictures of theirs.
Then we went to Volleyball, which went pretty well. My serves were going wacko, but I hit the ball a lot while the ball was in play, which was good.
Sarah and I talked some afterwards, a conversation which still needs to be concluded, hopefully on Monday while our siblings are at Glory Kids.

Less than a month till we leave for the states… and till Csehy! I can’t wait!

– Ky


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