No Talent Show videos.

The Irish dance I did with Hannah and Vashti…

Cait singing and me playing guitar… the Foggy Dew.

And, finally… Pachelbel’s Canon, with Sarah on Violin and me on oboe.

Ignore my many mistakes…


6 thoughts on “No Talent Show videos.

  1. Autumn says:

    I had never really known what an oboe sounded like, before, but I really like it!
    What kind of guitar do you play? It sounds nice.
    Oh, and you have Pachelbel’s Canon on there twice. The Irish dance isn’t on there….
    Thanks for sharing!
    Oh, which instrument do you like to play best?


  2. kyleian says:

    Autumn – ‘course oboes sound nice, they’re the best instrument ever… 😛
    My guitar is a Crafter… acoustic. I don’t really know what else. I use Martin guitar strings… that has an affect on the sound.
    Thanks for pointing that out. It’s fixed now.

    Probably oboe or piano. I like to play guitar, but at the moment I’ve kind of lost momentum, which makes it a bit difficult. I think piano and oboe… I have a complicated mind, as you can see…


  3. kalipay says:

    hey that was really neat! thanks for sharing.

    i’m amazed at the multitude of opportunities and various things you’re involved in there… so you’re coming to the US soon? how long will you be here?


  4. Autumn says:

    If it isn’t any of my business, I understand, so you don’t have to answer.
    Where in PA are you going? lol, guess where I am right now? I was born there, and lived there for 6 years. =)


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