I’ve felt so blessed over the past few weeks…

I read Kite Runner last week… things I shudder thinking about are reality for some people. Daily life. Pain. Hurt. Brokenness. Every day. My little, often self-imposed “suffering” is nothing compared to that.

We watched the Hiding Place. Betsie and Corrie… what bright lights in darkness. So unafraid. In a pit, but not so deep that God’s love did not reach it. Not afraid of death because of what after it would bring. Oh God to have faith like that!

At the table we discussed the natural disasters in China, Myanmar, and the hurricanes in the United States.

Yet I live in the supposed safety of a air-conditioned home inside a walled compound, enjoying electricity, being well fed, having free time…

Which is reality?
Why do some of us get safe lives while others go to sleep thinking they won’t wake up in the morning?
Am I living in a dream, or are they?

The world is broken… lost… hurting…

What can I do?

3 thoughts on “Reality?

  1. kalipay says:

    oh, Kite Runner was a VERY hard book to read. i ended up skimming alot of it. let’s just say it was a totally different genre than i normally peruse. are you going to have any time in PA to meet up perhaps? my email is on my log-in here (can you see it?), drop me a note so we can see what we can work out perhaps!! 🙂


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