This was a very bittersweet weekend… it was the end of a lot of things, but it was still very fun.

Thursday was our last Irish dance class of the year… and it went pretty well. We finished the piece we were working on.
The Oasis End of the Year banquet was Thursday night. As it is traditionally, it was formal, so a lot of us had fun dressing up.
But it was very sad, because we said goodbye to our Seniors and other people leaving, and the full realization of Cait and Philip (among others) being seniors next year hit…

Friday was Elisabeth’s graduation party and the last Volleyball.
At the graduation party Philip, Cait, Sarah, and I pulled Mr. Richard and Pastor John aside for a few minutes and set up a meeting to discuss some things with Submerge. This had been something we’d been praying and talking about setting up for a while, so it was happy to finally get it set up.
Volleyball was tiring, but good. I stayed out through the Teens versus Adults game, and then went inside.

Saturday morning was the Mother-Daughter Brunch Lisa organized for our Well Group… Lisa and Miss Elaine did a wonderful job baking and setting up…
The Tables

Fruit cup (Becky was refusing to eat hers because it looked so pretty).


Mrs. T speaking

Playing with the Focus on the camera

And just now I realized I never posted pictures from Mother’s Day…
Nate took mom out for coffee and at home, Cait, Candace, and I made dinner. Dad was flying, otherwise we probably would’ve done something differently… but it was fun and mom was somewhat surprised.

… Saturday afternoon was Candace’s birthday party. The C’s, H’s, and Tu’s all came, plus Tirzah and Aviya B. We started by playing the Who Am I? guessing game, where you have a sticker on your back and have to guess who you are. I was Gandalf. 😛 When Philip came a little later we gave him Beethoven… Mr. H was the Sheikh. 😛 And Sarah was Shakespeare.
Then we ate apples off of a string and played pass the parcel. The final game was making skits (rather, finishing them from a plotline). Those are NOT going on YouTube, as although they are somewhat funny, they are pretty embarrassing and the ones I’m filming are really shaky because I was laughing so hard. Sarah ended up holding my shoulders still so I wouldn’t shake. ;P
We played softball with balloons after cake and opening presents, and Cait, Sarah, Philip, and I talked and we played around with Rubik’s cubes.

“I don’t like family trees much… line… line… line…”
“You gotta read between the lines, Philip.” 😛

Rachel (as Sleeping Beauty): I was late to the party cuz I was asleep… and Esther (Snow White) was late because we were having a sleepover. And Ky was late to the party because she was DEAD!”
(Oh the fun you can have with the guessing game. :P)

Anyways… I still have some review and studying to do for school today… last week of school!

– Ky


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