No longer a Sophomore…

It’s actually quite scary.
I’m now between a sophomore and a Junior. I’m a JUNIOR next year. YIKES.
That means pre-cal and physics (yay!). But it also means taking the SAT… (yikes).

At the end of last school year, I was saying goodbye to a very dear friend of mine… I was taken aback at how much I’d changed over our first year in Dubai… I was wondering who I really was in Christ, and what I was supposed to do musically and in a lot of other ways this school year.

So what was this school year like?
Youth group was a big part of my year.
(H and I at the progressive dinner).

(Cait and I at the end of the year Banquet)

In October I started playing oboe… and by April I was playing Pachelbel’s Canon with little trouble.
… and every day it’s a few magical moments playing it, worshiping God…

… In November I survived another round of Nanowrimo… this time writing a novel set in Yemen instead of a continuation of my fantasy trilogy. Editing is going slowly, however…

In December I went paintballing for the first time ever… and loved it.

… I spoke in front of people 3 times – twice at youth group, once in a church of 20 people in India.

April was the Surge trip…

… when I met wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ that I will never forget… love you, Kowselya!
Sometimes it hurts inside to think back about India – will I ever go back?

… I took geometry… and loved most of it… by the time I finished I even liked proofs (Imagine!)

I learned how to solve the 3X3, 2X2, and 4X4 Rubik’s cubes…

… I took chemistry… and loved it. What I thought would be a bad year of memorization, formulas, and math, turned out to be one of my favorite subjects this year.

Lots of desert trips... mostly with the H’s… good times larping with Philip and having deep conversations with Sarah up on Big’une.

… my Arabic and French improved a LOT.

God spoke to me a lot about fear and my comfort zone… and courage. I still struggle with it so so so much – giving all my fears to God. There’s so much I’m afraid of, sometimes it makes me cry when I watch other people doing brave things for God – I sit there and think I could never do it… but slowly, slowly… God’s helping me be braver, even just in the little things like talking on the phone.

(Nate’s birthday cake… he’s 10 now… SCARY! Love you, Nene Bird!)

We have a kitty in our midst once again…

… I deepened a lot of relationships – but sadly loosened a few.

I downloaded the GIMP and started making graphics – this probably being one of my best blending and brush- wise.
This one, however, is my favorite.

My life was “rebelutionized” this year, and I want to thank a lot of people for it… First and foremost, God, for teaching me so much and being alongside me every step of the way.
Then daddy and mommy… organizing schoolwork, discussions at the dinner/lunch table… times doing French and History with daddy…
Lisa and Sarah tie for third… God used them in my lives in different ways, a lot of ways in things I can’t identify, just letting some thoughts go in conversation, like driving to Fujaireh with Lisa or the time on Big’une with Sarah after India talking about God’s power.
Fourth there’s someone whose name I won’t mention… but this person has been such a great example to me this year.
Love you all!

Now I wonder… what do this summer and my Junior year hold? What’s God going to teach me next year?

What about you? What was your year like? What did God teach you?

– Ky


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