Pro Life Teenagers (and updates)

Eric and some others recently launched a site for pro life teenagers.
I really encourage you to get over there and see what they’ve done – it’s a great start!

Some updates around here…

I added a new review on my reviews list (which most likely you’ve already read), over on the side bar, below blogroll and things to read. (also both Blogroll and things to read have been added to).

Updated my booklist and the quotes page, as well… I took out quotes that y’all might not get and left mostly the better ones… I’ll make a wallpaper on whatever subject for whoever figures out what book I added to the booklist… muahahahaha… and no, Cait, you can’t guess.

No, no free wallpapers for those who figure out what I added to the reviews. That just wouldn’t be fair.

Thus end the first few days of no-school-ness.

3 thoughts on “Pro Life Teenagers (and updates)

  1. cj says:

    Hey, I’ve been to the “Pro-Life Teenagers” site, signed the petition too.

    I like your site It’s pretty cool, I like your header a lot.



  2. kyleian says:

    Cait – Hannah already emailed in an answer… it was “Mathematics – Is God silent?”

    Cj – thanks! The header is actually just a part of Pachelbel’s Canon I copied and added text to. 🙂


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