Lady Ky go *bye-bye!* [and prayer for Surge3]


I go bye-bye! 😀

Above is a map of where I’m going…
June 21-July 6 – Pennsylvania
July 6 – July 14 – Washington
… and the second half of vacation comes in August.


I’m currently on my way to the states… but WordPress has a wonderful post-whenever thing, so this can be posted while I’m gone.


Surge3 is going to India from June 21-June 30. Their trip is very different from the one Cait and I went on – instead of physical labor, they will be sharing the gospel in Churches most of the time and helping with an event at the Church for the rest of the time.

I don’t know any specific prayer requests, but I think there are about 30 people going, and around 25 youth (I could be wrong, though).
I would imagine, though, that many of them have similar things on their minds as I did when I went. Things you can pray for:
– Peace, Love, patience, and Joy for each student
– Graciousness to their hosts, and the strength and courage to eat rice and curry all the time.
– Safety on the road and elsewhere
– Good relational interaction, both in and out of the team.
– Health!
– Sleep
– Courage for whatever might happen, and willingness/spontaneity. Anything can happen in India… 😛 Courage especially for the youth when they share their testimonies, though. Courage and clarity.

Thanks for praying for these guys!


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