To know you’re alive…

Ever think about what the most wonderful things in life are? What God made us to do?

Sleeping and waking to the sound of the creek, birds, horses in the pasture, and the stillness and serenity of the countryside.

Playing the gorgeous music God’s given us, and listening to the music He makes through the birds…

To sit in awe of His creation…
To know He saves even me, an awful, wretched sinner; to know He bore the weight of separation from God, of the Father turning His face away… for ME, so I might truly know what life is.

To make a joyful noise; to dance!

To be with with dear brothers and sisters…

To be tired, weak, and weary; footsore and struggling, in the midst of trials and suffering… and to know He lives, cares… and will lift us up on His wings and make us into refined gold!

To JUMP for the joy He’s given us…

To laugh and sing…

To tell those who have not heard about His AWESOME love…

To sit and talk to Him, to praise His name, to love Him…

… this is to know you’re alive, to know you’ve lived, to know He loves and blesses us… to drink richly of what He’s given to us, and to share the overflow…
This is life.

… and I’m thankful to God for giving us this gift.


3 thoughts on “To know you’re alive…

  1. kalipay says:

    hey this was an awesome post, Ky!! 🙂 i keep planning to write you, and say how glad i was to get to meet you. it’s good to know you got home safe, and that you enjoyed Csehy and your other travels so much.

    keep up this joyful spirit for the glory of God!!!


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