The Unwanted.

Each day approximately 13 children between the ages of 1 and 4 die.

Each year 4,785 children will die.
2,967 from disease and malformation, 1,641 from unintentional injuries.

377 die from assault and homicide.

But that isn’t all of the children. There are thousands that are not counted.

Each day approximately 3,700 unborn children die.

Each year 1.37 Million unborn children will die.
13,700 as a result of rape or incest, 82,000 as a result health complications

1,274,100 will die because they aren’t wanted.

ProLT and T.F.G

If we act now a new generation may live.

ProLife Teenagers

The Unwanted

(video by Eric Novak)


3 thoughts on “The Unwanted.

  1. Autumn says:

    That is so sad.
    Thanks for sharing this Ky.
    I have always loved helping with the annual walk for life. I’m considering volunteering at the local Crisis pregnancy center…


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