The Last Sin Eater

“I need his help, Miz Elda!”

“It is expedient for us, that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not.”

“…He takes sin into himself. He eats it, doesn’t he? So it becomes a part of him, don’t it? And he’s been at it so long, thar ain’t nothing left of whatever he was before.”

Ten-year-old Cadi Forbes is heavy burdened with her past. It weighs heavily on her heart, and Francine Rivers uses the term “heartsick,” many times in her novel to describe what’s ailing Cadi.
At her grandmother’s funeral, Cadi hears and sees the Sin Eater, who these Welsh immigrants believe “eats” their sin. Desperate to be forgiven, Cadi searches for the Sin Eater, soon joining up with Fagan Kai.
But plans change.
Cadi finds the Sin Eater, and he tries to take away her sins, but Cadi feels no different after the ritual.

“What con I do to show I’m sorry? I’d do anything. Is there no forgiveness for one such as me, Sin Eater? What con I do to make up for what I did?”
“Ye con do right from here on, Cadi…”
“I try so hard, but that don’t change what’s been done already.”

But there’s a man new to the valley, the Man of God, as they call him. Fagan’s father, known as “the Kai” to those in the valley, rules the valley and tells everyone to stay away from the Man of God. In order to escape from his father’s cruelty as well as to disobey his father, Fagan listens to the Man of God. Cadi goes to listen to keep a promise she made.
Fagan and Cadi meet the Man of God
Fagan stands with the Man of God.

*spoiler warning*
Cadi and Fagan find hope in hearing the Man of God. Brogan Kai had warned the Man of God to get off of his land, and when the Man of God doesn’t leave, he comes in the night and kills him. Fagan stands against the Kai, fighting for Truth.
Instead of listening to his son, the Kai beats Fagan as well. Cadi takes Fagan to safety, where they consider where to go next.
Cadi takes Truth to the Sin Eater, and he casts aside what he thought had been his fate, and embraces the Ultimate Sin Eater, Jesus, finally answering his pressing question – “Who’ll take my sins away, Cadi Forbes?”
The secrets people in the valley hold come out, and Fagan stands up for Jesus speaking the Gospel to the valley, and they turn away from the Sin Eater.


This is a beautifully written book… inspiring among other things. If you haven’t read it already, I highly recommend reading it. The change that takes place Cadi and Fagan and Fagan’s character are incredible to read about… but it’s at the same time very sad because of how lost these people are.

The movie is also quite good. Parts struck me as more powerful in the movie, others were more powerful in the book. Plus their accents are pretty cool. 😀
However, the movie (and the book not really either) I wouldn’t say are good for kids under 12.

They’re full of quotes on sorrow, fear, standing for truth…
Words right now aren’t just coming to describe it. 🙂

“Death is all around me… It’s right here with me.”

“So is life. You must choose.”

“The Kai… the Kai is all powerful.”

“The Kai is but a man. A poor, broken, frightened man who needs the truth as much as you do.”

“All suffer. It’s one long test of faith, refining you for what you were meant to be.”

“What con I do to show I’m sorry? I’d do anything. Is there no forgiveness for one such as me, Sin Eater? What con I do to make up for what I did?”
“Ye con do right from here on, Cadi…”

“I try so hard, but that don’t change what’s been done already.”

“Some of their sins I knew, Cadi. Like everyone else knew. Some sins are as plain as day. Others are hidden deep into the very heart. Those are the worst. The secret sins are like a cancer to the soul.”

“Satan wants to sift you. Do not think that because you have given your life to Jesus and been saved that the battle is over. The Lord himself went out into the wilderness, remember? And so it has begun. Satan will prey upon your doubts and fears and try to drive you away from the Lord your God, for it is your heart he wants and your mind he will attack. Remember he is the father of lies and a murderer.”

“We can’t think about what could happen. We gotta think about what God wants us to do. We’re going to face him someday, Cadi. You and me, standing before the Lord almighty. You want to tell him you knew his Son died for everyone in this valley and ye dinna tell anyone but one? Jesus knew what it’d cost him, Cadi, and he knows what it’s gonna cost you. The fear ain’t coming from Jesus, Cadi, it’s coming from my pa. Ye can’t let him hold ye back from doing what ye ken we have to do. Ye cannot withhold the truth. If ye do, it ain’t God ye’re serving, it’ll be the Kai. And there’s no hope for any of us if ye let him lead ye.”

“It weren’t humble reasons that made either of ye go. It wasn’t ‘cause either of you was any better than anyone else. Seems to e, it’s pure selfishness that brings us within hearing distance of the truth, and then God has his way with us, don’t he? He knows the ones already that’ll come looking for him, and he even lights the way. It all begins and ends with him. So I reckon God’s going to get done with us whatever he wants done.”

“If God can raise Jesus, don’t ye think He can look after ye and Cadi, too? Ain’t he already looked after ye? Ye two have been chosen to be his witnesses, and this is the day the Lord has made. Not tomorrow or the day after. Not next week or next month or next year. Now!”


Lady Kyleian


5 thoughts on “The Last Sin Eater

  1. jwpraisegod says:

    I don’t do a lot of reading, Ky. (As you probably know, sorry…)

    But I have seen the movie, The Last Sin Eater, and it was very good!


  2. Erik B. says:

    I have never heard of this book or movie. Did the actor in the movie also star in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe? I’m almost certain the boy is the same actor.


  3. Kyleian says:

    Erik – No, it’s not the boy from LWW. The only other thing that he’s been in that I know of is The Redemption of Sarah Cain, which I want to see when I can get my hands on it. My sister also thought he looked like the guy in LWW… I still don’t see that resemblance, only that of 2 of my friends at camp… 😛


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