This past week has been quite the week… really, really busy, but really, really fun.

The R’s were here during the week, and Daniel and Rachel stayed at our house Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – and we had school on top of that! It was hard to stay focused but apart from being busy it was really fun. We made a movie… still trying to work out some glitches in editing it, and then I’ll post it on YouTube for y’all to see.
Irish dance and sewing started on Thursday. Yay! At Irish dance we started hard shoe. I love it! I’d clomp around in my hard shoes all day if they didn’t scratch marble. At sewing I did a practice square for the Mariner’s Compass center of my quilt. This is a sketch of what it will look somewhat like when it’s done.
The dark blue has been replaced with pink, and the silver with white, but those are the only major changes.

I’ve been drawing more lately, too.
(dragon for Daniel R., oil pastels)

and crocheting…
I love that little guy. 🙂 I found the pattern on the Lion Brand website and made him. He’s a bookmark

I made a cake last week…
It was my first time ever doing a layer cake and ever frosting a whole cake… and I didn’t know penuche frosting (though wonderful frosting) was so stiff and hard to spread. It still turned out pretty well, though.

Oh, and even Sunny likes G.A. Henty:

I wanted to post something slightly more thoughtful this week, but I’ve been really busy –
I have the PSAT on Wednesday, and Tuesday I’m tutoring someone and we’re having people over for dinner.
Next Wednesday we leave for the states, and I have 3 tests the day before we leave.
So right now I’m basically running around like crazy trying to get everything done, double up on Physics, wishing we had the pre-Calculus teaching textbooks CDs…
I’m really looking forward to going to the states, though, it should be a good time there.

– Ky


2 thoughts on “Crafty-ness.

  1. jwpraisegod says:

    You’re leaving again, Ky!? 😦
    I’m going to miss you while you’re on holiday.
    I’ll be praying for you; May you have a safe, and wonderful journy!
    And be back soon!


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