Musings on Life.

I got to hold a 5 hour old baby today.

William. William Jeffrey Nathan.

The music leader at our Church’s wife had a baby today. Smiley
We happened to be at the hospital visiting our friend who broke her leg and we realized that maybe this woman was at the same hospital, so we stopped by the Maternity ward and saw her and the baby.

Holding him was amazing.
The last time I held a baby 5 or less hours old was 7 years ago when my little sister was born, which all I remember was “I’ve got another sister now!”

Anyway, looking at his tiny little eye lashes, fingers, toes, hearing him make little noises and watching him move… it hit me all over again at just how how precious life is; what an amazing gift from God it is, what a miracle.

The mother made a comment about 5 hours ago he was inside of me still, and now he’s moving and crying and yawning all on his own.

And it reminded me to really thank God for life – my life, Christ’s life, the lives of those around me…
It’s precious.
Let’s not waste it… whether through abortion or through throwing your life away on the world.

Don’t waste it.


– Lady Ky


One thought on “Musings on Life.

  1. Anna says:

    I’ve been thinking alot about that sort of thing since my mom got pregant… the pure barbarism of abortion horrifies me.
    I can’t wait for the baby…


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